Managing your Organizations Funds

As a recognized student organization at BGSU, your organization has an on-campus bank account for your use. Utilizing the Finance Tab within Presence, Organizations can deposit and spend their organization's funds as well as apply for university funding allocations.

To access our comprehensive student organization finance resource, check out the Finance Resource Guide.

What is the Finance Tab in Presence?

  • A Tool Tab in Presence that will allow students organizations to easily keep track of their finances (budgets), processes, and procedures in one streamlined space.
  • Located on left menu in Presence admin side.
  • The organization will be able to check the balances that they have available to spend from the University (14000) and from their revenue account (94000).
  • Organizations will be able to check exactly what the university funding was granted for: events, travel, or other expenses.
  • Check exactly where any dollar is at any time and exactly how it got there.
  • With Finance Tab, you will be able to check the expenditures submitted, the funding's requested and approved, the deposits made to the account and keep track of what's left to spend on each of the org's accounts.

Finding the Program Code Assigned to Your Organization

The program code identifies your recognized student organization and is utilized by you and the university to keep track of and spend your organization's money. Below are the steps to locating your organization’s program code.

  1. On the Admin side of Presence, hover over Manage on the left side of the page
  2. Click Organizations
  3. Search for your organization name and open the link to your organization
  4. Under basic information you will find your 4-digit program code

Checking Your Balance

  1. From the Admin side of Presence click the dashboard icon located on the left side of the page
  2. On the dashboard, click Student Portal in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Once you are on the Student Portal, hover over the Resource tab on the top right side of the page
  4. Click Student Organizations Finances to open the PDF
    • This PDF will be updated daily but will not reflect any charges that have not yet been posted to the account,
  5. In the PDF, Ctrl+F to search or scroll to find your organizations 4-digit program code
  6. Your organization's balances are shown broken out by SOAB (Fund code 14000) and Revenue (Fund code 94000) a. SOAB is funding from the university b. Revenue funding is finances that your organization has raised. Access the Quick Budget.

Depositing Funds

  1. Go to the Bowen Thompson Student Union room #229 and follow the instructions posted on the wall. They are simplified below:
  2. Fill out the Bursar’s Deposit Form located in the orange folder.
  3. If it’s a check, include the Program Code and Org Name.
    • a. Made to: Bowling Green State University
  4. If its cash use the Bill Machine and print the receipt.
  5. Insert your deposit form and your check and/or receipt into a Student Org Envelope with your information filled out on it.
  6. Drop the envelope into the Dropbox hanging on the wall.
  7. Your deposit should show under your 94000 – Revenue account within 2-3 business days. This can be reviewed by going to Presence, clicking Resources, and then selecting Student Organization Finances or by visiting Transaction Detail Overview for Student Organization. If it doesn’t appear, please contact the bursar’s office or visit their office in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union room 227.

Using your Funds

Organizations' funds are housed in two accounts depending on the type of funding. These accounts are University Allocated funds (14000) and organization revenue (94000). To spend funds, you have in one of these accounts follow the process below.

  1. From the student portal in Presence, in Forms
  2. Complete Create Expenditure

Also found under the Finance Tab ($), top right corner à "Create"

  1. Detail Information and Instructions for the Create Expenditures PPT
  2. Meeting minutes for the expense of the approval are EXTREMELY beneficial and an Itemized receipt is ALWAYS required for ALL purchases.
  3. Student organizations are sales tax exempt.

Organization Finance Support

The Student Organization Finance team is here to help and has multiple resources to help your organization understand how to manage, spend and apply for funding.

To learn more about how to manage your organization's funds, access the Finance Resource Guide.

Still have finance questions? Ask the finance team by submitting a question.

Pre-Paid Debit Cards

Recognized student organizations with non-University allocated funds (i.e., agency or revenue dollars) in a University account may request one pre-loaded debit card. The use of debit cards must comply with all University policies and procedures. Each transaction must be reconciled with Student Engagement.

Learn more about the reconciliation process. Failure to adhere to these expectations will result in the student organization forfeiting its right to have a debit card. The application for a pre-paid debit card opens at the beginning of the academic year and closes at the end of September. Student organizations can be approved for a pre-paid debit card in the amount of $250 or $500.

Student Organizations will receive messaging and outreach with the application for pre-paid debit cards at the beginning of the fall semester each academic year.


  • Donations

There are multiple ways to collect donations and raise money for your student organization. If you are doing a large campaign or need/want donations to be tax-deductible you can work with the BGSU Foundation office to create a Falcon Funded page. Learn more about the Falcon Funded model and apply to create a project.

  • E-Market Accounts

Recognized Student Organizations may set up an online system to sell items, collect dues, sell tickets, collect registration information, etc. BGSU calls these E-Market stores and they are created in partnership with the Office of the Bursar. Before creating an E-Market account, the officer of the recognized student organization must complete the E-Market - Payment Card Industry Compliance Form in Presence. Once the form is completed and approved the Bursar Office

will be notified and you may contact Jason Hanely in the Bursar office who will assist you with the next steps to set up the E- Market store.

Apply for University Funds

Student Organization Allocation Board (SOAB)

The SOAB is comprised of staff and student representatives appointed by the President, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Affairs and Vice Provost, and/or their designee(s). The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and Graduate Student Senate (GSS) are responsible for recommending the appointments of student board members. SOAB allocates monetary and other resources to Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) so they can provide programs and activities that enhance the co-curricular education of the entire BGSU student body.

RSOs may request funding and/or resources from the SOAB. Only RSOs that are in good standing with the University as well as whose presidents, treasurers, and advisors have completed their respective training(s) and may receive funding and/or resources. These funds/resources are intended to support RSO programs and activities but not to fully fund organizations. RSOs are not guaranteed funding or resources. Allocations for an organization will be based upon the SOAB’s evaluation of the RSO’s request, available funds and/or resources, and information gathered during financial consultations and/or audits.

Funding Processes

There are two funding processes that occur at different times throughout the year. Check out the description of each of them below and check out the annual funding timeline for insight on how the processes fall each academic year.

Fall Semester

  • Special allocations request open for fall events
  • Applications for semester allocations (to be spent Jan 1 – June 30)

Spring Semester

  • Special allocations request open for spring events
  • Applications for semester allocations (to be spent July 1 – Dec 31)

Semester Allocations Process

The Semester Allocation Process is only available to RSOs that have been recognized at BGSU for two (2) or more consecutive years. The application process occurs in the spring semester to allocate funds that are available to expend the following July 1 to December 31 and in the fall semester to allocate funds that are available to expend the following Jan. 1 – June 30 to student organizations that meet all requirements as stated in the allocation.

Special Allocations Process

The Special Allocation Process occurs periodically throughout the academic year.

This process is open to:

  • RSOs that have been recognized at BGSU for less than two (2) consecutive years
  • RSOs that received SOAB funding for programs and/or activities that incur additional unexpected costs that are not the result of fiscal irresponsibility
  • Initiatives that did not receive semester funding from the SOAB, given that these funds are used in a manner consistent with the funding policy

Types of Funding

There are three funding categories an organization can apply for. They include:

Programming/Event Funds

Programming/Event Funds are awarded to support programs/events that enhance the educational, cultural, and social experience of BGSU students. Activities must open for participation by the entire student body and must directly assist the organization in achieving its mission as it aligns with the University Mission,

Vision, Values, and Strategic Plan.

Funding applications may be submitted as part of the Semester Allocation Process OR the Special Allocation Process, but RSOs may not submit for the same program/event to both processes except as previously noted. Programming/Event Funds may be utilized within the following limitations:

  • $1,000 maximum for food per event and all food must be purchased from BGSU Dining.
  • BGSU employees may not be compensated for speaking engagements, consultations and training, nor may they receive payment for performing services that are within the scope of their BGSU employment.
  • RSOs may not compensate their advisor or coach for services.
  • RSOs requesting $2,500 or greater must meet with a member of the Campus Activities staff to review the details of the request prior to submission.

Travel Funds

Travel Funds are awarded to support expenses that directly assist the organization in achieving its mission as it aligns with the University Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Plan. Travel includes conferences, training sessions, competitions, and other off campus events outside the city of Bowling Green, Ohio.

Travel funds must be spent in compliance with the BGSU Travel Policy.

Travel Funds for RSOs are divided into two subcategories: educational travel and competitive travel. Funding applications may be submitted as part of the Semester Allocation Process OR Special Allocation Process, but organizations may not submit for the same expenses to both processes except as previously noted. Travel Funds to support participation in tournaments or competitions that require qualification may be requested only after the organization has qualified.

Travel Funds may only be used to cover the following costs in priority order:

  • Registration and/or entry fees;
  • Lodging; and
  • Transportation – note, some methods of transportation may require the use of university preferred vendors/contracted suppliers.

Travel funds cannot be used to cover the costs of:

  • Food
  • Individual conference travel for students pursuing professional development
  • Advisor travel unless prescribed by the BGSU Travel Policy
  • Mileage reimbursement

Operating Funds

The SOAB makes available a limited amount of funds annually to organizations to support day-to-day expenses that directly assist the organization in achieving its mission as it aligns with the University Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Plan. Applications for Operating Funds will be accepted and

processed starting on August 1 of each year. Operating Funds are limited to $500 annually per RSO and are awarded on a first-come basis until funds run out for the fiscal year or through April 1, whichever comes first.

Operating funds may be utilized within the following limitations:

  • No funds may be used for salaries, stipends or wages
  • No funds may be used for personal computer purchases
  • No funds may be used for disposable or one-time-use materials

How to Apply for Funds

Student Engagement will send out messaging and post the Semester and Special allocations application dates for student organizations to review. Organizations will apply for all funds by following the same process outlined below:

1. From the student portal in Presence, select Forms

2. Complete the Create Allocation

  • Also found in the Finance Tab ($), top right corner → "Create"
  • Detail Information and Instructions can be found in the Create Allocation PowerPoint

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