Event Planning

There are many aspects to consider when planning and hosting events on campus. View the policies, processes and resources for event planning on campus below and check out our Quick Start Guides for more specific guidance on the event planning process.

All student organization sponsored events on campus grounds or within a campus facility MUST be registered through Student Engagement. Student Organizations can submit events through Presence.

The sponsoring organization(s) must be in conduct and financial good standing (i.e., not on University conduct probation and/or having outstanding debt older than 60 days) with the University in order to host an event. The sponsoring organization must have a minimum of three members of the organization’s leadership group present for the duration of the event. The Office of Campus Activities may also require the presence of the sponsoring organization’s advisor.

It is the policy of the University to foster a spirit of free inquiry and to encourage the timely discussion of a broad range of issues provided that the views expressed are stated openly and are subject to critical evaluation. Within our prevailing standards of decency and honesty, this policy shall be construed to mean that no topic or issue is too controversial for intelligent discussion on the campus. Restraints on free inquiry should be held to that minimum which is consistent with preserving an organized society in which change is accomplished by peaceful, democratic means. To this end, a registered student organization may invite guest speakers to the campus subject only to the following provisions:

  1. Space for the event must be registered with the Bowen-Thompson Student Union Conference & Event Services Office if University facilities and services are to be used and the event will need to be registered with Student Engagement. Individuals or registered student organizations interested in planning an all-campus event are urged to contact Student Engagement and the student organization advisor for assistance in making these arrangements.
  2. Sponsorship must be by a registered student organization.
  3. It must be made clear that the student organization, not the University, is extending the invitation and that any views the speaker may express are his or her own and not those of the University.
  4. The student organization must take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the event is conducted in an orderly manner. Student Engagement is available to advise on planning major events.
  5. The student organization is encouraged to provide means for critical evaluation of the speaker’s view which might include an open question period following the speaker’s presentation.
  6. Guest speakers must also comply with the University’s policy concerning political campaigning.

If you are associated with a BGSU registered student organization and require assistance with reserving and/or coordinating space within the Bowen-Thompson Student Union, Olscamp Hall, or other campus venues for student meetings or events, please reach out to our team of trained reservation professionals by emailing planevents@bgsu.edu or calling 419-372-9000.

For more information about reserving event space, click on the applicable resources below.

Learn more about all of the different options available to you when reserving spaces on campus for indoor and outdoor events.

All Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) are encouraged to book meeting rooms in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union (BTSU) for use at no charge, as long as the use of the meeting room/classroom meets all three criteria below:

  • Classroom spaces available for booking free of charge
  • Eppler Gym Spaces
  • The meeting room/classroom is scheduled by an authorized RSO representative
  • The use of the room is planned, and the event is executed/led by the same RSO who booked it
  • More than 50% of the attendees are current BGSU students, faculty and/or administrators.
  • If the majority of the attendees do not meet this criteria for an RSO booking/event (it is the RSO’s obligation to prove this criteria), then appropriate University sponsored/department rates for a given space will be charged. A higher public rate may be charged if it is determined that a given space is actually an event being advertised and/or executed by a third party.

If you are contracting with a vendor or business to provide food, service talent, etc., follow the process below to work with a service provider. A service provider is a person who is providing a service of any sort to the University or university affiliate (aka student organizations). In order for service providers to be paid, the following must occur in chronological order:

  1. A Create Expenditure must be submitted with the service providers:
    • Full Name
    • Email Address
    • Full Mailing Address
    • Date and Time of Service
    • Description of Service
  2. A contract created by the Office of Campus Activities (1-2 days)
  3. Service provider must sign the contract (2-3 days)
  4. Service provider gets put into the Payment Works System (1-2 days)
  5. Service provider must complete the Payment Works information (4-5 days)
  6. Accounts Payable reviews and makes the payment (2-3 days)

Total Average Time of Process is 10-15 business days (2-3 weeks in advance of the event).

If you need assistance, check out the finance resource guide or contact the finance team by completing the form Questions to Finance Team. You may also request a meeting with a finance team member. We will schedule a virtual meeting to answer questions and assist with the process.

Student Organizations need to understand risk associated with organization sponsored events and programs. Our Risk Management Department provides:

  • Oversight of the University's property and casualty insurance programs
  • Direction for the mitigation of risks associated with various activities including planning, outdoor adventure clubs, vehicle use, facilities use, field trips, and foreign travel
  • Certificates of insurance to meet contractual obligations
  • Driver training and insurability checks
  • Third-party claims resolution
  • Allocation of insurance premiums and claim costs
  • Emergency response assistance
  • Coordination of annual facility inspections for insurance purposes

Student Engagement assesses the risk of all student organization sponsored events. When reviewing these events, we consider:

  • Level of physical contact/activity
  • Presence of food
  • Type of attendees: BGSU students, community members, etc.
  • Number of expected attendees
  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Use of vendors
  • Type of activity
  • Event location

Based on the risk assessment, Student Engagement may require (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • A planning meeting with your organization
  • Liability waivers
  • Additional safety precautions
  • Police presence

The sponsoring organization must designate members to serve as event staff for the duration of the event. These individuals must be clearly identifiable as event staff.

If Student Engagement, in consultation with the BGSU Police Department, determines paid security is needed, the sponsoring organization must contract for it with the BGSU Police Department.

The sponsoring organization is responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing all damage, including but not limited to furniture repair or replacement, extra custodial services, and structural damage to the premises because of the event.

Alcohol is prohibited at events unless approved prior to the event by the Associate Dean of Students, or designee, and then may only be consumed in designated areas.

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