Advertising and Marketing

There are many ways to get the word out about your student organization's events and programs

Campus Update

Campus update is a campus-wide newsletter published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Student organizations can advertise their organizations and events by submitting a request to be featured in Campus Update. Submit a request for Campus Update.

Flyers, Posters and Printed Marketing Materials

Students, faculty, staff and other members of the University community may place posters, notices, or fliers on University kiosks and general-purpose bulletin boards only. All postings must be sponsored by a University organization, department or office. There is no posting permitted on departmental bulletin boards within academic buildings without the permission of that department. Use of bulletin boards for departmental use only will be in accordance with the rules of the department.

Distribution or posting of advertisements, within University residences and dining facilities other than the Bowen-Thompson Student Union dining facilities shall be in accordance with the Community Living Standards, found in the Student Handbook. The Office of Residence Life will continue to approve posters and flyers to be placed in the residence halls and Greek houses. University Dining Services will approve table tents for the dining facilities. Distributing or posting advertisements, including handbills, within the Bowen-Thompson Student Union will be approved by the Bowen-Thompson Student Union information desk staff.

Banners, Sandwich Boards, Lawn Signs and Self-Standing Temporary Advertisements

Banners may be hung from the exterior of University residence halls with the approval of the hall director of the particular living unit. Banners, sandwich boards, lawn signs, and other self-standing, temporary forms of advertisement must be approved by the Dean of Students before being posted, and must not violate any other University policies. Banners (secured with rope) may be hung in the area across from the Business Administration Building or in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union mall or such areas as permitted by the Dean of Students. These items must be removed upon the conclusion of the event. To reserve these areas for posting banners, contact the Bowen-Thompson Student Union conference and event services office.

BGSU Advertising for the on-campus food bank


The use of chalk, with the exception of spray and/or paint chalk, by members of the University community to publicize campus events on sidewalks is permitted. Messages must be at least 20 feet from the entrance of any University building. Messages or information that violate University policy are subject to removal at the expense of the advertiser. The use of chalk on buildings or any other University property is prohibited.

Table Space Policy

There are designated tables in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union that registered student organizations (RSO) and/or University departments may reserve. No outside organization is permitted to reserve table spaces on campus unless approved by the C&ES office. These table space rules apply to any table space location, inside any campus building or in a dedicated outdoor space location. Additional table space rules are as follows:

  • Facial coverings must be worn at all times except when actively eating or drinking indoors. No facial covering is required outdoors.
  • No more than two people are permitted at any indoor table location at one time, outdoor table spaces do not have a limit as to the number of persons present.
  • Fundraising is permitted for RSO’s at designated table spaces.
  • If a 3rd party partner is assisting with a fundraiser, a member of the RSO must remain present at all times with their partner, AND that partner must be listed in the By-Laws of the RSO.
  • Any food product sold at a table, or anywhere on campus, must be individually wrapped and identified as a low-risk product as per the University Food Service Policy.
  • Items sold cannot be in direct competition with any items sold by BGSU Dining, Falcon Outfitters or any other approved vendor as determined by C&ES authorized staff and/or BGSU Purchasing.
  • No credit card solicitations are permitted
  • Distribution of products or information by means involving shouting, yelling, or physically approaching individuals is prohibited, as is any interference with normal University functions or interruption of the free flow of traffic, inside or outside of buildings.
  • All literature distributed must clearly identify the RSO or Department. Literature cannot be scattered around a facility, but rather must be distributed from the tabling location.
  • No amplified sound may be used and any music/sound played from any electronic device must not be audible when more than 10 feet from the designated table space.

Bowling Green State University Calendar

Student Organizations can submit their event to be posted on the University calendar. This is a great way to advertise upcoming events that are open to the public. Submit an event to the University calendar.

Social Media

Student organizations can feature their organizations, events, and programs through their own social media accounts as well as multiple campus run accounts. Complete a request form to be featured on the BGSU official campus wide social media accounts.

To request a feature on the Student Engagement Instagram account, DM us @engagement_bgsu from your student organization account to make a request!

Updated: 06/22/2022 01:45PM