Jessica's Story

My involvement with the Residential Conduct Committee has been such a positive and rewarding opportunity. It has not only helped to foster my leadership and communication skills, but it has also allowed me to help students learn from their mistakes through providing opportunities for growth and education.

Coming from a small school where I was not very involved, when I came to BG I wanted to get involved in everything in sight. As a freshman, my first decision was to join Greek life. Although I was very involved my freshman year, it was mostly involvement pertaining to the Greek community. My sophomore year, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and get involved with other opportunities outside of the Greek community. My first step in doing so was to join the Residential Conduct Committee; little did I know that this decision would provide me with numerous benefits.

One of the ways that we help students to grow though the Residential Conduct Committee is addressing morals. By talking about ones morals and values, it can help students to not only learn from their mistakes, but to help them learn how to better handle situations in the future in ways that aligned with their own personal beliefs. Through doing so, it has also helped me to address my own beliefs and morals. By taking time to reflect on them, I have gotten to better know myself and I have been able to apply this knowledge to all aspects of my life. Through having better knowledge of my own values, I have been able to enhance my leadership skills, as well as my own personal conduct in all situations, whether it is academic, social, or personal.

The Residential Conduct Committee has also helped me to become more inclusive and sensitive to others. In this committee, not only do you sit on a board with a group of diverse students, but you also meet students, RA’s, Hall Directors, and Grad students from all different backgrounds. Being able to learn from others by discussing personal views and opinions is an enriching experience that is hard to parallel in other organizations.

Lastly, as will all organizations and committees, it has helped to grow my personal network. This is often times one of the most obvious yet beneficial things with getting involved, and the Residential Conduct Committee has been no different. The people that I have come in contact with, whether they are students or faculty/staff, are such valued connections to have. The diverse people that I have met thus far are passionate about the community, as well as helping other students to grow. These connections have given me the push I need to be even more involved in the BG community.

If you are considering joining the Residential Conduct Committee, or are looking for something new to get involved in, I would definitely recommend this committee.