Informal Process – Conduct Meeting

Any student or student organization that allegedly violates a policy in the Code of Student Conduct will be scheduled to meet with the Associate Dean of Students or designee to review the allegation(s). Students will receive an email with an appointment letter indicating the date, time and location of the meeting. Written notification in the form of a letter from the Office of the Dean of Students or the Office of Residence Life and will include:

A. An explanation that a police or incident report alleging the student’s involvement in a Code of Student Conduct violation was received by the office.

B. Information regarding the scheduled appointment with a conduct officer and instructions for rescheduling, if necessary.

C. Consequences of not attending the appointment as outlined in the Student Handbook.

The student must attend the investigation meeting. If the student fails to appear for a scheduled meeting without prior notification, a registration hold can be placed on a student’s account or a decision can be made without a student’s input.

The objective of the investigation meeting is to provide the student with the opportunity to discuss the allegation that led to the referral. If the conduct officer believes it is appropriate to move forward with a policy violation, the conduct officer will clarify the rights and options available to the student. The student has a choice either to accept responsibility (informal hearing) or to request a formal hearing with the University Conduct Committee.  The student is also informed that they have up two business days to choose a resolution option.

  • If the student accepts responsibility the conduct officer will e-mail the student a notification of sanction letter which outlines the student’s educational outcomes as a result of the policy violation(s).

  • If the student requests a formal hearing the student will be scheduled to meet with a student conduct officer to review the formal hearing process and set a date for the hearing.