Tryout Requirements

2017-2018 Season Tryouts

Tryouts: Saturday, April 1

Location: Eppler Building Room 222 

Time: 10:00am-5:00pm

Registration Begins: 9:30am

REMINDER: You will only need to submit a Tryout Video if you are NOT attending the in-person tryout.


Would rather email the video? Email

Required Forms/Items (Bring these items with you to tryouts, paperclip in the order they are

listed below)

Headshot – New Members only

Concussion Acknowledgement Form

Physical Exam Form - Take this form to your physical Exam

A Front and Back copy of your insurance card

Requirements to Tryout: Current BGSU Students

  1. You must be enrolled at Bowling Green State University full time.
  2. Earn and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better. (Semester GPA's of 2.5 or lower are subject to attend study tables.)
  3. Must maintain a full time (12 credit hours) enrollment status during the entire duration of the season.
  4. Be in good standing with University, Bursar and student behavior.

You will need to bring the following items to tryouts in order to be admitted into the gym.

  1. 4x6 Headshot Photo of Self - paper clipped to front of packet
  2. A signed acknowledgement waiver to partake in any parts of clinics and/or tryouts*
  3. Photocopy proof of medical insurance
  4. Tryouts are $20 per athlete and collected with the packet during registration. Checks can be made out to BGSU Spirit Groups.

Requirements to Tryout: Incoming/Transfer BGSU Students

  1. You must have been accepted to Bowling Green State University.
  2. You must be enrolled as a full time student by no later than Monday, August 19, 2016 and
  3. Once a student, all the above statements apply.

All dancers must also pass a physical examination conducted by a doctor verifying that you are medically and physically able to meet the demands of the program.

Tryout Attire:

Black sports bra and black dance shorts.

Video Requirements:

  • Triple & Quad pirouettes (Left and Right side)
  • Fouettes a la second
  • Grand Jete (Left and Right side)
  • Side Leap (Left and Right side)
  • Calypso (Left and Right side)
  • Switch Leap (Left and Right side)
  • High Kick Skills
  • Jump, Leap, and/or extension of your choice (you have to at least show a jump of your choice)
  • Turn Section of your choice (more than 2 8-counts)
  • Motion Strength
  • Pick 2 styles of your choice and perform a 15-30 second routine of each style (jazz, contemporary, pom, or hip hop)
  • At the end of the video please tell us why you would like to be on the Bowling Green State University Dance Team

Wear black dance shorts, black sports bra, and your hair pulled back. 

Example skills are, but not limited to:

  • Triple/ Quad pirouette
  • Fouette a la second
  • Calypso
  • Grand jete
  • Switch leap
  • High Kick skills
  • Motion strength
  • Crowd appeal