Student Case Management Services

What are Student Case Management Services?

Student Case Management and Support Services provides direct case management services by connecting students to appropriate campus and community resources through an individual case management approach. The Coordinator of Student Case Management serves the University and individual students by arranging, coordinating, monitoring, evaluating and advocating for students who are experiencing significant difficulties. Students are provided with referrals, resources, and follow-up if needed. We are dedicated to ensuring our students are well supported and connected here at BGSU.

Who do we serve?

Student case managers serve students of concern. We can assist those referred or those that self-identify that they are having an issue. Some issues include: academic support, mental/physical health support, absence notification, food insecurity, financial insecurity, seeking additional resources, problems with peers faculty and staff, bias incidents and more. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Dani Haynes at

How to refer?

Appointments can be made by calling 419-372-2843 or by submitting an incident report for the student of concern.

Services Provided:

• Referrals to campus resources

• Referrals to community resources

 • Emergency assistance for students facing financial difficulties

 • Falcon Care Program: a temporary meal card to be used in our dining halls (application available at the Office of the Dean of Students)

• Grab-N-Go Food Program: a grocery tote bag with food to feed for up to 3 days (application available at the Office of the Dean of Students)

• Student Emergency Fund (application available at the Office of the Dean of Students)

• Vouchers to local businesses for clothing and other essentials (varies based on availability)

See it. Hear it. Report it.

Food Assistance

Campus Resources 

Counseling Center (Confidential)

104 College Park Office Building 419-372-2081

Wellness Connection

214 Student Recreation Center 419-372-9355

Falcon Health Center (Confidential)

838 E. Wooster St. 419-372-2271

Mon.-Fri. 8am-8pm Sat. & Sun. 9am-5pm

Psychological Services Center (Confidential)

300 Psychology Bldg. 419-372-2540

Mon.-Fri. 8am-8pm Sat. & Sun. 9am-5pmCommunity Resources

Wood County Crisis Line (Confidential)

24/7 Crisis Support 419-502-4673

(Handles psychological crisis, suicidal ideations and/or attempts, depression, etc.)

The Cocoon (Confidential)

24/7 Sexual Assault & Domestic violence hotline 419-373-1730

Provides ongoing advocacy services for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence