The Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy insignia was collaboratively designed by PLA scholars to reflect the values and vision of the organization as a whole. The three spires pay homage to the original PLA insignia of a compass, while creating new symbolic representation of a rising sun, representing the role of leadership in the past, present, and future. The year of establishment, resting on the laurels of two crossed falcon feathers, pays tribute to the history of PLA as an organization of Bowling Green State University, and our mascot, the falcon. The insignia is then collectively encircled by the four core values of PLA; integrity, service, credibility, and learning. As scholars in the Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy these core values encompass everything we do in our role as leaders on campus and in the world at large.

The original PLA insignia, created by the inaugural cohort, no longer met the marketing guidelines of the university and an updated insignia that met the university guidelines was required.  In fall 2011, current PLA scholars were invited to create an updated PLA insignia. Five scholars volunteered to take part in this group to update the insignia. These scholars were: Danielle Dodd (2005 Cohort), Lauren Purdy (2009 Cohort), Victoria Recker (2009 Cohort), David Walters (2010 Cohort), and Kyle Jacob (2011 Cohort). During the process of redesigning the insignia, this committee sought input and guidance from current PLA scholars and PLA alumni.

First Insignia of the PLA

The first insignia of the Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy was developed by the inaugural cohort. It was a symbolic expression of the program's values, philosophy, mission and vision. The compass utilized brown and orange, the official colors of Bowling Green State University. Within the circle was the foundation on which the Academy is built: the PLA Leadership Values and the Core Values of Bowling Green State University. The directional arrows (North, South, East and West) denoted that, through the involvement of PLA scholars, the leadership qualities emphasized throughout the President's Leadership Academy experience diffuse in all directions-- on campus, in the Bowling Green community and in society at large.