Here at BGSU we want to provide parents and family members of our students with all of the resources they need to help them with the challenges and changes that life with a college student brings. Students benefit greatly from having involved and informed parents, and it is because of this that we want to give the parents and families of our students every resource we can to help them, from orientation to graduation and beyond. 

Getting Started

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Safety & Security


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Office of the Bursar   419-372-2815
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Student Life

Athletics 419-372-2401
Bowen-Thompson Student Union 419-372-2741
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Campus Activities   419-372-2343
Career Center 419-372-2356
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Counseling Center 419-372-2081
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Off-Campus Student Services 419-372-2843
Office of the Dean of Students 419-372-2843
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Recreation & Wellness   419-372-2000
Office of Registration & Records 419-372-8441
Shuttle Information 419-372-2776
Women's Center 419-372-7227