FAQs & Helpful Tips

Change is challenging. University life and the experience of a college students is often filled with change, growth, learning and decision making. A college student faces many challenges and opportunities to learn more about themselves and their personal values and beliefs. As your student enters into these experiences, you as parents and family members have a great opportunity to provide effective support and sound guidance. To help you with this opportunity we have provided you with a number of FAQs and helpful tips so that you can help your student succeed in their journey here at BGSU!

Showing Student Support

Showing support for your student can be difficult, it is often hard for parents to figure out how best to support their students, beyond monetary measures. Please click here and read about the top five ways in which you, as a parent, can show support for your student! 

Questions to ask your student

It can be hard to engage your student about their experiences at the university. Here are some questions you can ask your student(s) to help them stay on track and get the most out of their BGSU experience! Please click here and read about questions you can ask your student(s) to help promote their success! 

Tips for Student Success

Attending college can be intimidating and many parents do not know where to start, but we are here to help. Click here to check out our top ten tips for student success and share them with your student(s) to help them get the most out of their years as a falcon!

One of the best tips anyone can give students and parents is to encourage them to get involved on campus! Joining student organizations, Greek Life, and living on campus all have huge benefits for students.

Students who joined Greek Life in the fall of 2015 were retained at a 15% higher rate and had a higher average GPA than students not involved in Greek Life. In addition, students involved in student organizations on campus were retained at a 15% higher rate and had a significantly higher average GPA than students who did not participate in student organizations. Together these statistics provide support for student involvement and showcase just some of the benefits students who get involved on campus could expect to see!

To learn more about any of our nearly 300 student organizations and how to get involved please visit the webpage located here.

To learn more about Fraternity and Sorority Life please visit their page located here, and click here for a list of resources about Fraternity and Sorority Life tailored for parents and families.

The College Adjustment

The Transition from high school to college can often be as challenging for family members as it is for college-bound students. As family roles and relationships change, expectations and involvement in each other's lives may also change. Being prepared for the resulting changes will allow you to most effectively adapt and support your student throughout their years at the university. Please click here to learn more about the differences between high school and college so that you may better understand and help your student(s) adapt to these changes.

The Rhythm of College Life

Certain times during the academic year tend to be universally challenging to students. Parents who understand the ups and downs of the first year of college are better able to help their students negotiate the challenges of transitions. Click here to look at some typical adjustment issues faced throughout the first year.

Questions about BGSU

Check-out the links below to FAQ pages for the specific topics and offices listed. For more information on the resources available to parents and family members of students please visit our Resources for Parents and Families page.