Telling Our Story


Greg Harrison is from Detroit, Michigan. He is the President of Black Student Union. Here is his story:

I was really drawn to Bowling Green because I was impressed by the large emphasis the university puts on leadership development and involvement. I chose to get involved on campus because I had a vision for how I wanted to see BGSU, so, my involvement was a way to create positive social change on campus. The best part of my involvement is seeing students build cross-cultural relationships and gain an understanding about those different than themselves. 

Homecoming events are my favorite campus programs because they bring back Falcons from many different eras, but the commonality is our love for BGSU. 

My experience thus far as a student leader has taught me about the importance of knowing your values, using that as a way to identify your passions, and ultimately using your passions to make life better for those around you. 

I could not imagine my life without many of the relationships I have built here; that's what I love most about BGSU.