Marvin Center for Student Leadership

The Marvin Center for Student Leadership: Be the Change, Lead the Change

Leadership is learned. The Marvin Center for Student Leadership guides, engages, and teaches students to achieve true leadership abilities.

We use mentors, teachers, and community leaders to help students develop this lifelong skill. It is a skill our students use today in their classrooms, in student organizations, and in the community. It is a skill that becomes a part of who they are and who they will become.

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Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy is the premier, annual leadership conference at Bowling Green State University, sponsored by the Marvin Center for Student Leadership, Campus Campus Activities, Residence Life, and Fraternity and Sorority Life . This one-day event takes place on October 5th and engages students in educational sessions targeted toward their leadership development. Participants have the opportunity to explore personal and leadership values, network with other campus leaders, and develop the skills necessary for success.

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Ethical Leadership Certificate

The Ethical Leadership Certificate (ELC), facilitated by the staff from the C. Raymond Marvin Center for Student Leadership, is a program that helps you develop integrity and purpose as a leader. With sessions focusing on personal values, ethical decision-making, and making change in your community, this certificate helps you develop self-awareness as an ethical and intentional leader. This certificate incorporates foundational elements of the Social Change Model of Leadership and builds upon the CFSL’s values of integrity and purpose. Join us for the ELC and gain the knowledge and skills to be an ethical leader.  This year the sessions will take place on Tuesdays 6-7:30pm starting on September 10th.

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Request a Marvin Center Experience

The Marvin Center for Student Leadership offers a wide variety of leadership experiences for student organizations, Greek Life chapters, university departments and offices, along with off-campus partners, and many more.  Most programs are facilitated by our Student Leadership Assistants.  The SLAs are a group of students passionate about leadership and social change. The various functions of the SLA position culminate in supporting the mission, vision, and values of the Marvin Center for Student Leadership through researching, developing, administering, and assessing a broad array of student leadership development and educational programs.  SLAs can also offer 1:1 consultations and event planning committee work.  Please use the link below to request an Experience.

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