Frequently Asked Questions

Ziggy Points is a program designed to reward BGSU students for their engagement in campus events. More than fifty Ziggy Points events, hosted by twenty seven different areas on campus including academic colleges, university athletics, and areas of student affairs, will be held each semester. By scanning your BG1 card at these events, you will earn Ziggy Points. At each of 4 pre-determined point levels (500, 1,000, 2,000, and 3,000), you will earn a BGSU reward, and beginning at level L, you will earn grand prize raffle tickets. Attend fun events, earn cool rewards!

A current listing of events is available on our website. You can also view upcoming events by logging in to your MyBGSU account and selecting “Ziggy Points” from the Student tab. Ziggy Points events are noted on the University Calendar with a “ZP.” View the University Calendar here.

At most Ziggy Points events, there will be a designated place to scan your BG1 card in order to earn your points. Look for the Ziggy Points sign or a Ziggy Points staff person. At some events, we may be using a different check-in method; for example, at a home football game, students have to get their tickets online and scan, you will not need to scan your card twice. Keep your eyes peeled for signs with the Ziggy Points logo with instructions.

You can pick-up any rewards that you have earned at Falcon Outfitters, located in the Bowen Thompson Student Union. The Ziggy Points Redemption Center is located near the back of the store on the first floor; follow the Ziggy Points Redemption Center signs. Be sure to bring your BG1 card.

You can view your current point total by logging into your MyBGSU account and selecting Student Life from the Student tab. From the portal, you can see your current point total, any rewards that you have redeemed, and upcoming events.

Please allow 3-5 business days for event data to be uploaded.

You can reach the Office of Campus Activities at (419)372-2343 or We want your total to be accurate and are happy to look in to any error. Please note that the point totals available online are not updated the instant that your ID card is scanned at an event. Please allow up to 3 business days for Ziggy Points totals to be updated following an event.

No. Every student that reaches level 500 will receive a Falcon Outfitters BGSU T-shirt; every students that reaches level 1000 will receive a $25 Falcon Outfitters Gift Card, etc., Continue to attend events and your Ziggy Points total will continue to grow for the duration of the academic year.

Absolutely! Every BGSU student is eligible to participate in the program.

Once you reach 2,000 points, you are eligible to compete in the grand prize drawing. The more points above 2,000 you earn, the more tickets to the drawing you’ll receive. When the grand prize drawing occurs in April, you will have an opportunity to choose for which grand prizes you would like to be entered to win. If your grand prize ticket is selected, you will win that prize. Click here for a complete list of the Ziggy Points Grand Prizes available this year.

Absolutely! Every BGSU student is eligible to participate in the program.

Absolutely! Every BGSU student is eligible to participate in the program.