When a registered student organization desires to participate in, or sponsors an event that occurs off the campus, and participation requires vehicle use, the University is committed to promoting the safety of all participants. The Student Organization Travel policy is outlined in the Student Code of Conduct (beginning on pg. 15) and this policy is in effect whenever members of registered student organizations travel as official or designated representatives of the University, or participate in an organization-sponsored event where the University is officially represented.

Travel must be registered via OrgSync when the distance greater than 35-miles (one-way) from Bowling Green and/or the travel includes an overnight stay.  Organizations planning to travel internationally will also work with International Programs & Partnerships to complete the International Travel Registry.

Trip Registration 101

1) A trained trip coordinator must attend each registered trip.
To register your trip, at least one member traveling with the organization must complete Trip Coordinator Training. Organizations may have an unlimited number of trained trip coordinators Members can be trained by attending or contacting the Office of Campus Activities. Trip Coordinator training is completed online at the link below.  Access to the Trip Coordinator portal will be granted after training is complete.

2) Trips must be registered 2 weeks in advance of trip departure.

The registration form must be submitted two weeks before the trip occurs. This allows enough time for the Office of Campus Activities to process and approve the travel request.

3) A Liability Release Waiver must be completed by each participant for each trip.

Students, faculty, and staff members attending the trip must complete this form. Hard copies will not be accepted for those individuals.  Those travelling with you that are not affiliated with BGSU should complete the Office of Risk Management's electronic form and submit it to the Trip Coordinator. 

  • Liability Release Waiver forms for participants traveling are required to be submitted no less than 72 hours before departure date/time. Participants that submit a Liability Release Waiver form within 72 hours of the departure date/time may be prevented from attending the trip.
  • All Liability Release Waiver forms are stored in electronic formats in the Trip Coordinator Portal on OrgSync. These forms are shared electronically with the BGSU Police Department in case of emergency.

4) It is the responsibility of the organization to submit all requests for payment for transportation, lodging, event registration/admission, and any other travel related expenses at least two weeks prior to travel, via your individual organization's OrgSync treasury.  Submission of a travel registration alone does not confirm these arrangements.

5)If using a University-owned vehicle, each driver must complete a Motor Vehicle Record Statement. Approval is valid for one year. Organizations do not need to submit the form if taking personal vehicles or rental vehicles. Travel by personal vehicles is highly discouraged as the University has no knowledge of the care and upkeep of the vehicle and individuals are not covered by University Vehicular Insurance when travelling in a personal vehicle.

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