Managing Finances

Student organization budgets, including revenue and allotted funds are managed through OrgSync.

Registered student organizations are required to have a treasurer who is responsible for depositing funds, requesting payments, tracking expenses, and reconciling the account. Orgsync is the software used for assisting the organization with reconciliation of funds.

Per the BGSU Student Handbook, "The treasurer should keep detailed financial records and make them available to members, the advisor(s), the Office of Campus Activities, as well as local, state, and federal officials upon request."

Organizations may request payments for expenses associated with conducting the business of the organization. For example:

  • Purchase items or pay expenses by invoice or online;
  • Reimbursements for students;
  • Pay for a service provider (e.g. a speaker, DJ, or sport official)
    • Please submit a payment request in OrgSync at least 4 weeks prior to the service being provided
  • Cover travel expenses. (Set up payments prior to traveling)
  • Pay an on campus department

NOTE: Recognized Student Organizations shall maintain all student organization funds, including fundraising dollars, in their University account and are not permitted to have off-campus bank accounts.  Designated social fraternal organizations are exempted from this requirement.  

Detailed information on how to use OrgSync can be found in the Organization Funds Manual. Also, please follow all directions and supply all required information when submitting a request for payment form in OrgSync. An organization requesting a check for a vendor must verify that the vendor is already enrolled in the University's vendor system. If the vendor is not already in the University's system, a Vendor form must be completed and submitted. Staff members from the Office of Campus Activities are also available to assist you.


Non-University funds raised solely by the organization, often through collection of dues, donation, and/or proceeds from fundraising activities (e.g, bake sales).

The Semester Allocation Process is only available to student organizations that have been recognized at BGSU for two (2) or more consecutive years.  The application process occurs in the spring semester to allocate funds that are available to expend the following July 1 to December 31 and in the fall semester to allocate funds that are available to expend the following January 1 – June 30 to student organizations that meet all requirements as stated in the allocation.  

University funds allocated to student organizations during the school year to cover travel, programming, and/or operating costs that occur periodically throughout the academic year.  This process is open to:

1. Initiatives or Recognized Student Organizations that are new to the BGSU community.

2. Recognized Student Organizations that received Student Organization Allocation Board funding for programs and/or activities that will incur additional unexpected costs that are not the result of fiscal irresponsibility.

3. Initiatives or Recognized Student Organizations that did not receive semester funding from the Student Organization Allocation Board, given that these funds are used in a manner consistent with the funding policy.

University funds/Coke products allocated to student organizations for programs that occur on campus and that are open to the entire student body. The SOAB reviews requests for funding and/or product when it meets to conduct Spot Funding hearings.

To apply for Coca-Cola product funding please fill out this form.

Modifications to Funding

Funding received from the Student Organization Allocation Board (SOAB) must be used as specified in their budget. Three funding categories differentiate among types of requests – Programming/Events, Operations, and Travel. All requests are categorized into one of these three areas.  According to SOAB policy, the only modifications to allocated funds that are available are those that support the purpose of the originally allocated funds (i.e within the same category of funding).  Alternatively, you must release your funds and reapply within the new category. 

Organization modification requests are reviewed by the Student Organization Allocation Board.  Approval of the SOAB must be obtained in advance for changes to be made to the organization's budget.

Funding Modification/Release Request

Point of Sales (POS) Machines

Student organizations can reserve a POS machine from the Office of Campus Activities for use in almost any building on campus. These machines can be used to collect payment via credit card or BG1 funds, and the Office of Campus Activities will transfer the funds into the organization's Revenue Fund (minus a 3% collection fee for credit card transactions). 

POS Machine Reservation Form