Greek Housing Project



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"Over the past three years, my chapter house has given me memories and friendships that will last a lifetime, as it has for so many before me. I am so excited to see these bonds of sisterhood continue for future members as a new house is put in its place."
- Tiffany Mitchell (Pi Beta Phi)
"My Greek house became a Greek home for me and my brothers, and it was the number one thing that made living on campus truly special. Knowing that future members will be able to have that experience makes any amount of work worth it."
- Victor Senn (Alpha Tau Omega)

Project Overview

The Greek Housing Project kicked off in October 2010 as a series of conversations about the trends in fraternity and sorority life and housing nationally as a way to enhance the experience for the nearly 1,500 fraternity and sorority chapter members at BGSU and to respond to an aging housing system.  The project plan that emerged identified three phases:

  • Phase I.  Getting smart about both the current state of fraternity and sorority programs and facilities at BGSU and comparing those to best-in-class examples nationally.
  • Phase II.  Determining what requirements a new community will have, balancing desired amenities with rental cost, and designing a housing blend that is a best fit.
  • Phase III.  Finding the right partners to make the plan a reality and completing construction.

What to Expect in Phase III

The Board of Trustees authorized moving into Phase 3 of the project at the December meeting. Phase 3 is the actual execution portion of the project that could span 36 -42 months and will include:

  • Formally soliciting a design and construction partner (i.e., the developer) for the project;
  • Working with the developer to refine the floor plans of the 4-bed, 12-bed, and 18-bed townhome prototypes and how the project will be situated along Wooster Street (i.e., the current location of Old Fraternity Row and Conklin East and Conklin West);
  •  Updating the financial pro forma to reflect actual costs, rental rates, and common room usage fees (i.e., parlor fee);
  • Submitting a finalized proposal to the Trustees’ for authorization to secure financing and to proceed with demolition and new construction;
  • Engaging each participating chapter concerning interest in any upgrades to common areas and/or special requests regarding unique customizations;
  • Addressing interim housing needs for chapters displaced by demolition and construction; and
  • Celebrating the opening of new Greek facilities for fall 2016.