The concept of the Bowling Green State University creed began in 2014 when Undergraduate Student Government (USG) President Brian Kochheiser and USG Vice President Nicole Neely discovered that many universities across the nation had a “creed,” which was a collection of each university’s core values, and proposed that BGSU also adopt a creed.

According to Kochheiser, “The BGSU Creed was a student-led initiative that received tremendous support from the administration. We noticed several prominent institutions such as Miami (Ohio) and Auburn had a similar concept, and we felt that creating our own would be a great addition to the BGSU community.”

And, with that, a working group of six students — Kochheiser, Neely, Devin Wrice, Danielle Parker, Alexa Woodburn, and Amanda Dortch — formed to begin exploring what the BGSU creed would be. “By using the core values of the University as a starting place, we wanted to develop a comprehensive and relatable collection of what it means to be a Falcon. We started with a blank piece of notebook paper and began thinking of what makes BGSU unique. Every possible design of the creed was discussed. Should it rhyme? How long should it be? What words should we use? How do you capture everything BGSU is in just a few lines?”

After all of these questions were answered, the group settled on one draft. From there, the creed was sent to residence halls, other student groups, the Office of Marketing and Communications, and the Office of the President, for feedback. After compiling the feedback and making a few adjustments and final decisions, the group decided on draft No. 17, which would become the official Bowling Green State University Creed, in late April of 2015!

Today, the BGSU Creed is being spread throughout the campus and community. The hope of those who wrote the creed is to strengthen the bond that past, current, and future students have with Bowling Green State University.

“Our vision was that, as a freshman, you receive your creed card and at least one line connects to you as an individual, and as your time here continues on and you learn and grow, when you walk across the stage and receive your degree, every single line connects to you and is what you believe in as a Falcon. The creed encompasses everything it means to be a part of this community, and it will hopefully continue to bring the Bowling Green State University family together. I am a Falcon.”