Creed Day

Inaugural Creed Day Brings Together Campus and Community

By Tia Jurkiw

On Tuesday, March 22, 2016, BGSU held its first Creed Day. President Mary Ellen Mazey and Bowling Green Mayor Richard Edwards were joined by students, faculty and staff in the proclamation of the landmark day. Festivities included social media contests, photo opportunities, signing of the Creed Book and Creed gear giveaways.

The idea of forming a Creed first began in 2014, when Undergraduate Student Government (USG) President Brian Kochheiser and USG Vice President Nicole Neely discovered that many universities across the nation had a “creed,” which was a collection of each university’s core values, and proposed that BGSU also adopt a creed. A working group of six students — Kochheiser, Neely, Devin Wrice, Danielle Parker, Alexa Woodburn, and Amanda Dortch — formed to begin exploring what the BGSU creed would be. By using the core values of the University as a starting place, the group wanted to develop a comprehensive and relatable collection of what it means to be a Falcon.

They started with a blank piece of notebook paper and began thinking of what makes BGSU unique. Countless hours spent searching for feedback, making edits, and revising drafts paid off in late April of 2015 when the group finally decided on draft No. 17 to become the official Bowling Green State University Creed. Today, the BGSU Creed is being spread throughout the campus and community. The hope of the group who wrote the creed is to strengthen the bond that past, current, and future students have with BGSU.

The Creed has become a campus-wide initiative this past school year, having gained a great deal of recognition around campus in other ways besides Creed Day. First-year students were introduced to the Creed at their Fall 2015 Convocation, an event held during opening weekend that marks the beginning of their BGSU experience. Each student was given a Creed card, a wallet-sized card with a picture of a Falcon on the front and the Creed on the back.

In addition, Creed signage has been installed in various places including the first and second floors of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union, as well as a 25-by-75-foot sign that covers the front of Memorial Hall. Along with these new displays, the Creed has been placed on digital signage screens in almost every building across campus. Creed merchandise will also soon be available for purchase at Falcon Outfitters.