Academics and Research

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar for 2020-2021 has been modified to lessen the impact of COVID-19 on our campuses. Moving the last two weeks of the fall 2020 semester to remote learning decreases the chance students will return to campus and spread the virus – or pick it up from other students who have traveled during the break. We have canceled our 2021 Winter Session, and spring term will begin on Jan. 11, 2021. We have decided to cancel Spring Break, but we are announcing four Wellness Days this spring semester where classes will not be held. The Wellness Days will be held on Friday, Feb. 12, Thursday, March 11, Tuesday, March 30 and Wednesday, April 14. The last day of classes is scheduled for April 23, with final exams occurring April 26-30, 2021.

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Course Delivery

Courses are being delivered in four modes, which together provide students opportunities to engage directly with faculty and peers while allowing flexibility to accommodate the needs of those who may be impacted by COVID-19. The combination of these delivery modes also allow us to practice physical distancing in all of our classrooms. Physical distancing is central to the safety of students, faculty and staff.

Any student who opts to do 100 percent remote classes for health reasons is able to participate in the classes through various means. We are committed to providing you a full University experience both in and outside the classroom that meets your specific needs.


Required In-Person (RP)

Courses contain elements that may not be completed or arranged remotely. These courses may still include regular virtual meetings as part of the course, but students are expected to be in class for all scheduled in-person meetings. Required In Person courses are primarily labs, studios, or classes that require the use of specialized equipment or spaces.

Please note: If you sign up for a RP course, you need to live within commuting distance. No arrangements will be made by faculty for students to participate remotely.


In-Person/Hybrid (P)

These courses blend in-person and online elements. For example, a faculty member might give a virtual lecture to all students during one class period and then meet face-to-face with students in smaller groups during the rest of the week.

Please note: If you sign up for a P course and you cannot participate in any in-person elements, you will be emailed a form after you are registered to indicate that you plan to participate remotely.



Remote courses meet online according to a regular schedule, when faculty engage directly with students. Students in remote classes have a high level of real-time interaction with their instructor and fellow students during scheduled class times. With remote classes, you always meet virtually.



Students taking online courses do not typically meet on specific days and times, which allows for a great deal of flexibility since students can complete their coursework at their preferred time as long as assignment deadlines are met. Faculty still engage in robust interactions with their students throughout the course. Only courses specifically designed and approved for online delivery are being offered in this mode.


  • Some classes may only be offered as a Remote (RE) or Online (WB) mode and will not be offer as an In-person/Hybrid (P) or Required In-person (RP) mode. 
  • No arrangements will be made by faculty for students to participate in a RP course remotely. If you can't participate in-person, you should register for a different course.
    • Once you are participating in the course, if a special circumstance occurs and you are not able to participate in-person temporarily, you can work with your instructor for accommodations. 
  • If you only want to take Remote or Online courses next semester, you should:
    1. Try to schedule all of your classes listed as RE or WB
    2. If a class you are required to take is only listed as P, you will be given an opportunity after registration to indicate that you plan to participate remotely.

How do in-person/hybrid classes work?

Your professors will provide more information on how their specific class will be taught and managed. Some of this information may be provided in advance of class starting, while in other cases, that information will be provided in Canvas or via the course syllabus once classes begin. It will be important to check your BGSU email frequently leading up to the start of the semester and particularly during the first week of class so that you do not miss any important information.

Classroom and Physical Space Protocols

  • Classrooms and other learning spaces have been reviewed and redesigned to conform with CDC guidelines for physical distancing. Seating arrangements (chairs, desks, tables) have been labeled or removed.
  • Classroom technology has been enhanced to allow for virtual and in-person learning.
  • Buildings have marked entrances and exits for one-way traffic patterns that must be followed.
  • Common spaces in classroom buildings have adjusted capacities to ensure physical distancing.
  • Extra cleaning and disinfection is ongoing throughout all buildings on campus.


  • Research labs have been retrofitted to allow for physical distancing
  • Extra shields and other protection have been added
  • Limited staffing will allow for physical distancing