Available Presentations

The Counseling Center offers a variety of programs related to mental health and wellness.   Here are a few samples of our programs; feel free to choose one of these or request your own topic.

Relax Your Body, Calm Your Nerves
Learn relaxation techniques to care for your body and manage stress.

Free Your Mind: Defeat Negative Thoughts Before They Defeat You
Identify common self-defeating thought patterns and learn how to change them.

Getting Off the Emotional Roller Coaster
Find ways to better understand, accept, and manage ups and downs.

Living in the Moment: Mindfulness and Acceptance I
Learn to attend more fully to your experiences, sensations, thoughts, and emotions in the moment.

Quieting the Judgmental Mind: Mindfulness and Acceptance II
Learn ways to take a nonjudgmental role in your present experiences; free yourself from dwelling too much on the past or future.

Conquer the Clock: Time Management
Find ways to manage time and keep yourself motivated and on-task.

Whats Size Got to Do with It Anyway?
Discuss how to challenge body-image concerns & talk more positively about your body.

Coping with Racism and Prejudice
Learn effective coping strategies to deal with racist or prejudicial encounters, and become a more effective ally.

Relationships 101
Identify what makes a healthy relationship, and avoid common traps.

Negotiating a Truce: Conflict Resolution
Learn strategies to work through conflicts and get what you need in relationships.

Great! How can I request a program?

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