Welcome to your September Grit challenge!

If you’re going to persevere through obstacles, you need to be able to find the people and resources that can help you.  So we’re sending you on a BGSU resource scavenger hunt

Below is a list of situations that require some problem solving.  For each situation, find a resource on campus that could offer assistance.  Go there, and take a selfie with their door/office sign to show where you are.  Complete at least 3 of the 4 scenarios.  Then post your pics to BGSU Counseling Center's Facebook page, with the hashtag #BGritty.  Doing the challenge with a friend(s)? Take just one picture for the group -don’t forget to tag each Grit Challenge participant!

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You can complete any of the challenges in any order! Check out the August Grit Challenge

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If you live on campus, every challenge you complete enters you a challenge enters you into a drawing to win a $50 BGSU Bookstore Gift Card!

September Challenge scenarios