Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar for 2020-2021 has been modified to lessen the impact of COVID-19 on our campuses. Moving the last two weeks of the fall 2020 semester to remote learning decreases the chance that students will return to campus and spread the virus or pick it up from other students who have traveled during the break. We have canceled our 2021 Winter Session, and spring term will begin on January 11, 2021. Depending on conditions, this term may or may not include a spring break.

Fall 2020 Academic Calendar

Design My BGSU

As a BGSU student, we want to give you the opportunity to help you choose how you wish to learn. To better accommodate the variety of academic and learning preferences students have, a select team of academic advisors has been pulled together to help you design and change your fall schedule where needed.

If you are interested in making adjustments after you review your schedule, you may reach out to an advisor by completing the Design My BGSU form, and an advisor will connect with you within 24 hours

Fill out the design My BGSU form

Course Delivery

Courses will be delivered in three modes, which together will provide students opportunities to engage directly with faculty and peers while allowing flexibility to accommodate the needs of those who may be impacted by COVID-19. The combination of these delivery modes will also allow us to practice physical distancing in all of our classrooms. Physical distancing is central to the safety of students, faculty and staff.

Any student who opts to do 100 percent remote classes for health reasons will be able to participate in the classes through various means. We are committed to providing you a full University experience both in and outside the classroom that meets your specific needs.



These courses blend in-person and online elements. For example, a faculty member might give a virtual lecture to all students during one class period and then meet face-to-face with students in smaller groups during the rest of the week.



Remote courses meet online according to a regular schedule, when faculty engage directly with students. Students in remote classes will have a high level of real-time interaction with their instructor and fellow students during scheduled class times. With remote classes, you will always be meeting virtually.



Students taking online courses do not typically meet on specific days and times, which allows for a great deal of flexibility since students can complete their coursework at their preferred time as long as assignment deadlines are met. Faculty still engage in robust interactions with their students throughout the course. Only courses specifically designed and approved for online delivery will be offered in this mode in fall 2020.

How will in-person/hybrid classes work?

Your professors will provide more information on how their specific class will be taught and managed. Some of this information may be provided in advance of class of starting, while in other cases, that information will be provided in Canvas or via the course syllabus once classes begin. It will be important to check your BGSU email frequently leading up to the start of the semester and particularly during the first week of class so that you do not miss any important information.

Classroom and Physical Space Protocols

  • Classrooms and other learning spaces have been reviewed and redesigned to conform with CDC guidelines for physical distancing. Seating arrangements (chairs, desks, tables) will be labeled or removed.
  • Classroom technology will be enhanced to allow for virtual and in-person learning.
  • Buildings will have marked entrance and exits that must be followed.
  • Common spaces in classroom buildings will have adjusted capacity to ensure physical distancing.
  • Extra cleaning and disinfection will be followed throughout all buildings on campus.


  • Research labs have been retrofitted to allow for physical distancing
  • Extra shields and other protection have been added
  • Limited staffing will allow for physical distancing

Frequently Asked Questions

Fall semester classes will begin Wednesday, Aug. 26. In-person classes will end on Wednesday, Nov. 25. The last week of classes will be Nov. 30-Dec. 4, 2020, and will be conducted remotely. Final exam week will be Dec. 7-11, 2020, and will also be conducted remotely. In addition, to provide maximized flexibility, we have also canceled Winter Session in 2021. Based upon current planning, classes for spring semester will now begin on Jan. 11, 2021, and end on April 30, 2021.  

More than 70 percent of our courses will have an in-person component that will allow students to interact with faculty and their peers in a safe, physically-distanced manner. We are committed to teaching these courses and have redesigned all of our classroom spaces – plus several other spaces not typically used for instruction – to ensure that as many students as possible will be able to take classes on campus. Course structure will be focused on flexibility. While classes may be primarily in-person, they will also incorporate some online elements that allow us the physical flexibility to keep students safe. Find more information about the three course formats provided this fall

Labs, studios and other classes that use specialized rooms or equipment will also have an in-person component that allows students to get the hands-on experience needed to make progress toward their degree. Guidelines will be in place to minimize risk, and these experiences will also be supplemented with online work to ensure that all students get to participate.

Staff in the Division of Student Affairs and Athletics, Recreation, and Wellness are scheduling safe activities and experiences that recognize BGSU’s excellent reputation as a residential campus. Also, the Student Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion team on the Firelands campus is preparing safe programming for the academic year.  A list of planned activities can be found online at

BGSU’s Education Abroad office will be contacting program directors about the possibility of offering their 2021 Winter Session programs during 2021 Summer Session (May, June, or July) or during the 2022 Winter Session. As soon as information is available, all students who had plans for Winter 2021 will be notified.

At this point in time, (everything is subject to change), there are no changes to the professional year for teacher educators. The required hours will still be the same (minimum of 60 days in the field). The College of Education and Human Development is working closely with PK-12 school partners to make sure students are able to complete these experiences.

We are committed to serving students who are unable to attend classes on campus because of COVID-19, and are upgrading audio and video equipment in classrooms to allow students to participate remotely, if needed.

Yes, the plans are currently to have a spring break. The University will continue to monitor the situation and follow recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and the Ohio Department of Health.

Yes, we will continue to offer job and internship fairs, as well as other career-related events. Many of these events will be offered in a virtual format. Students can check their Handshake accounts for the most up-to-date event information.

The changes to the academic calendar will impact only the BGSU students at Mercy who are registered for non-nursing courses. All NURS courses at Mercy will follow the Mercy College academic calendar. All other BGSU courses will follow the updated academic calendar.

We expect no change in the availability of FWS funding for students with a FWS award in the upcoming academic year – i.e. a student with a FWS award and a FWS-eligible on-campus job will begin earning FWS wages at the beginning of the academic year. This will continue until either the student employee’s FWS award is exhausted, the student employee ceases working in a FWS-eligible on-campus job, the student employee becomes otherwise ineligible, or the end of the academic year, whichever comes first. Regarding the amount of hours, student employees are encouraged to discuss this question with their supervisor. As in pre-COVID times, this will depend on the needs of the department and the availability of the student.

Each graduate assistant (GA) is expected to work their appointment in the assigned contract period(s).  Within the fall semester,  the majority of GAs will work remotely November 30-December 11, 2020.  There may be some assignments, on or off campus, that require on-site duties despite a remote learning period.  Supervisors will inform the GA if there is an on-site requirement prior to the beginning of a remote learning period.   GAs may request confirmation of remote work from their program and/or supervisor via email prior to the beginning of the contract.

The start of Graduate Student Orientation (GSO) week is not being impacted. However, since it coincides with the start of classes, GSO “week” is abbreviated to August 24-25 for 2020. Please note: Graduate College programming for Graduate Student Orientation (GSO) will be offered virtually starting August 1. All incoming graduate students will be enrolled in the Virtual GSO experience. Students will be contacted by their academic departments regarding program-specific orientation.

The majority of all graduate assistants will work remotely after Thanksgiving. There may be some assignments, on or off campus, that require on-site duties. Supervisors will inform GA if there is an on-site requirement November 30-December 11, 2020 prior to the beginning of the contract.  GAs may request confirmation of remote work from their program and/or supervisor via email prior to the beginning of the contract. 

The majority of all graduate assistantships will have remote duties assigned to the GA November 30-December 11, 2020. GAs will be paid according to the dates of their contract per the Payroll Schedule. The GA and the supervisor should coordinate conversations prior to the remote work period outlining due dates, expectations and communication options for the remote work assignment(s). 

Contract periods, payroll schedules, GA Statement of Understanding and other resources are available on the Graduate Assistant and Tuition Scholarship Information web page.  If your previously accepted contract was originally to start on August 31, 2020, you will now begin your assistantship on Wednesday August 26, 2020. This correlates to the revised first day of classes for Fall 2020. 

Graduate students should express their need for alternative work assignment accommodations to their supervisor and graduate program coordinator as early as possible. Pro-active communication will permit students, supervisors and/or program to find alternative means of fulfilling GA duties.

Our quarantine and isolation process is being reviewed and updated. Please visit the Residence Life website for the most up-to-date-information

The University will be providing additional information on testing and contact tracing in the upcoming weeks.