COVID-19: Flexible Evaluation/Grading Options Available

Spring Semester 2020

These are unprecedented times. In our more than 110-year history, we have never faced this type of situation. We have come together to support each member of our learning community to achieve their potential in a situation that has been greatly disrupted in ways that no one would have envisioned just two weeks ago.

Our guiding principles include supporting and educating our students to ensure they continue to make progress toward degree completion, which requires us to be flexible, adaptable and focused on understanding of how each of us are affected by the current crisis.  

Over the past two weeks, students have expressed concerns about how they will be evaluated and what grades will be assigned in courses that weren't expected to be delivered in an online format for half of the semester.

We realize that these concerns may be causing some anxiety during a time when we need our students focused on adapting to this new delivery and learning method.

Find the Grading Option Change Request Form on the Office of Registration and Records page.

BGSU is providing more flexibility to our students during this extraordinary period.

  • For spring semester 2020, students may elect to change their grading option from letter grade (A, B, C, D, F) to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U), or for those courses grade from A,B, C, No Credit (NC), to S/NC. First-session, seven-week courses may not be changed to S/U or S/NC grading options.
  • The deadline for changing grading option to S/U or S/NC is May 29, 2020.
  • The grading option can be applied to all graduate and undergraduate courses
  • Any course in which a student receives a C or higher may be converted to an “S” and will count toward their degree, regardless of current department, college or University requirements.
  • A ‘U’ grade is equivalent to a D or lower.  If a student receives a ‘U’ or ‘NC” grade, they will not earn credit for that course.
  • If a student believes they might earn a D in one of their classes, it might be best to not select the S/U or S/NC option, as remaining in the course as graded will allow the student to earn credit. Students should keep in mind that the D grade will be included in their GPA calculation.
  • All S/U or S/NC graded coursework is not included in a student’s grade point average (GPA). It will neither raise nor lower their GPA.
  • If a student decides to change any of their courses to S/U or S/NC, the decision is final and cannot be reversed.
  • If a student is trying to raise their GPA to achieve academic good standing, S/U or S/NC grades will not increase their GPA.
  • A student enrolled in any prerequisite courses for a degree program or combined pathway should consider any grade or GPA requirements before choosing the S/U or S/NC option for those courses.
  • If a student’s academic program requires grades for licensure/certification, they may wish to consult with the program director in addition to their academic advisor before changing any course to S/U or S/NC.
  • Courses converted to the S/U or S/NC grading option may not be utilized for GPA recalculation of a prior grade earned.
  • Students will need to fill out an S/U or S/NC form for this grading option.
  • All S/U graded coursework will count as attempted hours and if successfully passed, earned hours toward graduation and other academic requirements.
  • All current graduation requirements restricting the number of S/U or S/NC credit hours within a term will be suspended for the Spring 2020 term.
  • The deadline for choosing to withdraw from a course has been extended to May 8, 2020.
  • The deadline for completing the coursework for a course in which the student receives an incomplete in Spring Semester 2020 will be extended to December 18, 2020.
  • Students will be required to meet or consult with their academic advisor before deciding to convert from a letter grade to an S/U or S/NC grade to ensure it is in their best interest.
  • Changing the grading option to S/U/NC in Spring 2020 will not have a negative impact on students’ ability to receive Latin Honors for graduation and/or Dean’s List eligibility. Courses that are switched to S/U/NC because of COVID-19 will count toward a student’s total letter-graded credits (TLCs) but will not be calculated in their cumulative GPA.
  • If a student is taking an Honors-designated course, they may wish to consult with their Honors advisor before changing the grading option to S/U or S/NC, since that change would prevent the class from calculating into their Honors GPA.
  • A comment will be added to the transcript of all students enrolled this semester making reference to the COVID-19 pandemic for the Spring 2020 semester.

These policy changes only apply to the Spring Semester 2020. Details regarding the flexible grade change process will be communicated in the coming weeks.