Thursday, August 6, 2015  
BGSU in pact with Beijing university | Kimaid book on time and place
BGSU and Beijing Union University (BUU) representatives, including Huang Xiankai (center), BUU vice president, commemorate the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the two universities. Among those participating were Brad Colwell (seventh from right), dean of the College of Education and Human Development; John Fischer, vice provost for academic affairs (eighth from left); and Marcia Salazar-Valentine (second from right), executive director of the Office of International Programs and Partnerships.
Tourist attraction
Agreement opens doors to BGSU, Beijing students

The new wealth being generated in China has resulted in a surge of interest in tourism, both at home and abroad. At the same time, increasing numbers of Americans are visiting China.

All this creates a demand for professionals in the tourism area. BGSU took a step toward addressing this growing need and providing new opportunities for students when it signed a memorandum of understanding recently with Beijing Union University (BUU). The agreement expands the existing relationship between BUU's Tourism College and BGSU's Department of Tourism, Leisure and Event Planning.

The BGSU Office of International Programs and Partnerships facilitated the agreement between BUU and BGSU and will continue to work with each institution to expand the agreement. The office helps provide new international opportunities and programs for not only domestic students going abroad but also for international students on campus.


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Kimaid book examines time and space connections

From an academic standpoint, drawing connections between the areas of history and geography is not overly common; however, for Dr. Michael Kimaid of BGSU Firelands, it seemed like an obvious path.

"I teach courses in both history and geography. Over time, I noticed that I was making a lot of connections between the two disciplines and decided to explore them in my own research," said Kimaid, who has been on the natural/social sciences faculty at BGSU Firelands for more than 10 years.

The results of his research are shared in his new book "Modernity, Metatheory, and the Temporal-Spatial Divide: From Mythos to Techne," published by Routledge's Taylor and Francis Group.


John Weinert, 83, died July 30 in Florida. He served as head coach of the men's basketball team from 1976-86. Memorials may be given to the John Weinert Scholarship at BGSU.