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College of Education and Human Development
Education and Human Development Newsletter
A message from the Dean
Dear EDHD Alumni and Friends,

It is that time of year again in Bowling Green. Most of the BGSU students have left campus to return home for the summer, complete internships, or explore the world. While I appreciate the peace and quiet, I am always happy to see our students return in the fall. This year, they will start a little later in August and be here a little longer in May as BGSU launches our first “Winter Session” in January of 2019. BGSU continues to change and evolve with the times and this new initiative is another example of how the institution tries to serve students.

Near the end of the spring semester, on Sunday, April 22, the College of Education and Human Development hosted our annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony. That day, we awarded 222 students with almost $368,000 in scholarships. As BGSU President Rodney Rogers and I handed out certificates and shook each student’s hand, I was reminded of the day, over 30 years ago now, that I shook my dean’s hand as I was awarded a scholarship during my senior year of college.

My parents supported me during college as much as they were able but, as the youngest of four in a family that survived on a music teacher’s salary, I had always paid for half of my education expenses by working between 20 and 30 hours a week. As I prepared for student teaching that last semester of college, I knew it would be tough to work that many hours and be a successful student teacher. The scholarship does not seem like a huge sum of money to me now, but at the time it meant that I could cut my hours back to 15 hours a week, which made a huge difference. I ended up having a great student teaching experience. In fact, the glowing letters of recommendations from my classroom mentor teacher and University mentor opened the door to my first job in Rialto, California. I have often wondered how I would have managed if I had not received that scholarship at such a critical moment in my academic career.

On April 22, as I shook the hands of the aspiring teachers, athletic trainers, arena managers, family counselors, and maybe even a future dean or two, I found myself wondering about the difference these scholarships would make in their lives – not just in the 2018-2019 academic year, but for the next 30 years. I am grateful to the donor who made my scholarship possible, and to all of the donors who empowered us to change lives, one handshake and scholarship at a time.

Forever Falcon,

Dean Dawn Shinew

Dawn Shinew ’86,‘92
Professor and Dean

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HDFS students participate in Forgotten Victims Month
April commemorates Forgotten Victims of Crime, recognizing the effects an incarcerated parent has on family stability. Several of our Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) students partnered with The Ridge Project to make a difference in these families' lives, with an emphasis on responsible parenting and good decision-making. Two groups of students planned and implemented a family day at two correctional facilities; one group helped promote awareness of the month; and one student helped write a grant to raise funds for a “Catch with Dad” event for ex-offenders and their children at a Toledo Mud Hens game this summer.

Richard A. Maxwell ’70 returns to campus via Facebook Live
On April 3, Richard A. Maxwell ‘70, a retired senior director of broadcasting for the NFL, joined a Facebook Live video to talk with current college students, staff and faculty about the Richard A. Maxwell Sport Media Project. The 30-minute live video chat, which was part of the University’s annual Giving Day, has more than 1,800 views to date. Watch Now on our Facebook page.

AMPD Career Day offers students networking, career opportunities 
On April 11, Apparel Merchandising and Product Development students participated in a program-wide career day. Students enjoyed a keynote presentation with Todd Taylor, president of Markt, and they joined more employers at timed roundtable sessions to discuss career opportunities, job skills and tips for success. The event wrapped up with student recognition, a panel discussion and a tour of the AMPD space in North Eppler.

HDFS students earn Kurt E. Hofmeister award 
Three HDFS students - Andrew Peet, Lauren Devany and Kayla Adamic - earned this year's Kurt E. Hofmeister group award for outstanding work on campus. Each year, this award recognizes a student group’s exemplary performance in an academic, credit-bearing, community-based learning experiences. This year, the award recognized the HDFS group’s work with the Listening Post provides opportunities for supportive communication on campus.

Dean's Corner


This year, through the #BGSUOneDay campaign, 231 generous donors raised $22,641 to support the College of Education and Human Development – more than double the amount raised through the same 24-hour campaign in 2017. Thank you!

This year’s fundraising centered around five college opportunities:
• Department of Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA)
• Richard A. Maxwell Sport Media Project
• Physical Education/Health Education Classroom Update
• Tech Trek Camp
• General support

For more than 100 years, this college has set the standard for providing a quality education. We include a wide variety of programs that are preparing future professionals and leaders in fields ranging from preschool education and mental health counseling to interior design and exercise science. Today, the world needs EDHD graduates more than ever.

Overall, generous Falcons from all 50 states raised $388,654 for the University, including 357 first-time donors along with graduates from classes that ranged from 1954 through 2017. This is the difference that Falcons make when we fly together!

Dean Dawn Shinew