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This week's essential health and wellness information from BGSU Chief Health Officer Ben Batey

In this week’s COVID-19 update, our case numbers have increased slightly, but remain at a low and manageable level, as outlined in this email and on the Forward Falcons website.
Today, Gov. Mike DeWine and the Ohio Department of Health advised all Ohio vaccine providers to temporarily pause using the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine. This is in response to a statement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommending a pause in the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine following extremely rare blood-clotting events in six people in the U.S. after receiving the vaccine.
Upon receiving this information, BGSU was in immediate communication with the Wood County Health Department. Following this morning's announcement, we will be canceling our upcoming Johnson & Johnson vaccination clinics at the Perry Field House out of an abundance of caution. Pfizer and Moderna vaccination clinics are ongoing with appointments readily available in our area.
The CDC has released additional information, reporting these adverse events appear to be extremely rare. As of April 12, more than 6.8 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine have been administered in the U.S. The CDC and FDA are reviewing data involving six reported U.S. cases of a rare and severe type of blood clot in individuals after receiving the J&J vaccine. Individuals who have received the J&J vaccine and develop severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain or shortness of breath within three weeks after vaccination should contact their health care provider.
Please continue to do your part in slowing the spread of COVID-19, including wearing a face covering, avoiding large crowds and getting vaccinated. While today’s announcement regarding a pause to the J & J vaccine out of an abundance of caution may cause concern for some while we learn more, it shows how thoroughly the safety profile of vaccines are studied and researched. The COVID-19 vaccines are receiving the most intense vaccine safety monitoring in U.S. history while continuing to be proven safe and effective at preventing COVID-19. We appreciate all of the ways you are keeping yourself and our community healthy and protected.
Be well,
Ben Batey signature
Ben Batey, MPH, RN
Chief Health Officer

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Positive Cases of COVID-19 Reported to BGSU
Includes positive COVID-19 cases reported to BGSU from health departments, medical providers, testing and self-report. Not all cases are residing in Bowling Green or Wood County and this includes cases reported at BGSU Firelands.
This Period:
35 Students
(60% of students live off-campus)
1 Faculty 1 Staff
4/5/2021 - 4/11/2021
Last Period:
30 Students
(74% of students live off-campus)
1 Faculty 3 Staff
3/29/2021 - 4/4/2021
397 Students
10 Faculty 52 Staff
Since 1/11/2021 (start of Spring Semester)
On-Campus Isolation and Quarantine
Isolation separates individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 from others to minimize the spread of the virus. Quarantine separates individuals who have been exposed to someone who is positive for COVID-19 from the general public. All residence hall students are offered on-campus quarantine and isolation space. Students may choose to return home.
Students Currently Isolated in University Housing:
92% beds available
As of 4/12/2021
Students Currently Quarantined in Residence Halls:
As of 4/12/2021
COVID-19 Testing
Includes screening testing of targeted individuals as well as open on-demand testing for students, faculty and staff who may be asymptomatic, symptomatic, or have had an exposure.
This Period 4/5/2021 - 4/11/2021
Positivity Rate:
Ohio Positivity Rate:
Cumulative since 1/1/2021
Positivity Rate:
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