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April 2, 2021
On March 5, BGSU learned of alleged hazing activity involving alcohol consumption at a Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity off-campus event the night before. This tragedy led to the passing of student Stone Foltz.
As president, I am deeply saddened. This loss is one I would never wish on anyone. As a father of two recent college graduates, I am struck that this is every parent’s worst nightmare and the Foltz family, along with Stone’s friends, who tried to assist him that evening, remain in my thoughts.
We immediately placed the fraternity on interim suspension, and we continue to make progress in addressing hazing. From the onset of this tragedy, I committed to keeping you updated. Today, I want to share new information regarding the conduct case.
Moments ago, BGSU met with national leaders of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. The University worked with special counsel David DeVillers, a former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio at the firm of Barnes & Thornburg, to pursue a thorough and fair investigation to seek the truth and facts regarding the alleged hazing activity on March 4.
BGSU has charged the organization with six violations of the Code of Student Conduct.
6.B.1.a. - Offenses Against Persons – Harm to Others
6.B.2.a. - Offenses Against Persons – Hazing
6.B.2.d. - Offenses Against Persons – Hazing
6.B.2.f. - Offenses Against Persons – Hazing
6.B.2.h. - Offenses Against Persons – Hazing
6.D.2.d. - Offenses Disrupting Order or Disregarding Health and Safety – Organization Alcohol
Hazing is absolutely intolerable. We continue to work with local law enforcement, who are actively leading their own investigation into this serious situation. While these University charges don’t bring back student Stone Foltz, our goal is to hold the responsible students and groups accountable for this tragedy.
This conduct case involving Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity is scheduled to be adjudicated by April 13. The conduct processes involving individual students also remains ongoing.
Above all, I want to ensure you that we continue to work with student leaders to address the short- and long-term future of fraternity and sorority life. BGSU has suspended all new member intake processes and on- and off-campus social events of chapters in all four Greek councils, including the Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and College Panhellenic Conference. We have launched a full inquiry into each Greek chapter’s prevention and compliance responsibilities under University policies prohibiting hazing.
BGSU has also instituted additional measures to provide for a safe restart and recommit plan for its Greek chapters to resume operations, including a zero-tolerance hazing approach. While these are positive steps for our Greek community, I applaud the effort of the executive board of the Interfraternity Council, who unanimously decided on Wednesday night to cease the new member processes of their 17 chapters for the remainder of this semester. Their spring 2021 new member processes are being deferred to fall 2021.
On behalf of our University, I have issued our support for Collin’s Law and the Report and Educate About Campus Hazing Act, state and national legislation to combat hazing. We have finalized a partnership with Dyad Strategies to conduct a broader review of fraternity and sorority life and other student organizations and activities.
Today, I am also pleased to appoint a presidential working group to focus solely on building a framework for our anti-hazing efforts and implement the upcoming recommendations from Dyad Strategies. I have asked Dr. Maureen Wilson, associate dean and professor in the College of Education and Human Development, and Chris Bullins, dean of students, to co-chair this group.
Our goal is clear. We must be a leader in our anti-hazing efforts. We need each administrator, student, faculty and staff member to continue to step up to shape this culture. We will focus on the health and safety of our community, and, together, we will move forward.
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