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College of Health and Human Services
James Ciesla to lead College of Health and Human Services
James Ciesla to lead College of Health and Human Services

A message from the Dean
Another academic year has come and gone. The spring semester at BGSU and the College of Health and Human Services was full of many activities and accomplishments.

There have been countless student achievements this past semester such as, internship experiences, clinical rotations, poster sessions, research presentations and engagement in the community. Mentioned here are just a couple examples of recent student successes. Tiffany Smith and Kirsten Seele were honored at the Undergraduate Symposium on Diversity. Their study was “Addressing Food Insecurity on College Campuses with Food Pantries.” Marikay Mester and Rachael Poling were successful student entrepreneurs who presented their business ideas to alumni investors during The Hatch (BGSU's version of the show "Shark Tank").

Thanks to the generous support of many alumni and donors, over 50 scholarships were awarded to worthy students at the college Student Scholarship Luncheon in April. Student scholarships, undergraduate and graduate research, program and faculty support are just a few examples of support received during the second BGSU Giving Day. A special thanks to all who support the college and BGSU.

Several faculty were recognized this spring. Mary-Jon Ludy, associate professor of food and nutrition, received the 2018 Elliott L. Blinn Award for Faculty-Undergraduate Student Innovative Basic Research/Creative Work. The award recognizes work conducted by individual faculty members in collaboration with undergraduate students. Carrie Hamady, senior lecturer in public and allied health won the Nutrition and Dietetic Educators and Preceptors (NDEP) North Central Outstanding Dietetic Educator Award in the DPD Program category for 2018. This award recognizes recipients’ outstanding years of service and dedication to the preparation of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists in the areas of teaching, mentoring and leadership. The NDEP is comprised of over 1,300 members, and 13 individuals from across the six regions were acknowledged. Philip Welch, assistant professor in public and allied health has been named the recipient of the Clyde Willis Award. This award, initiated by former Dean Clyde Willis, is presented annually to a college faculty member whose accomplishments best represent “a strong, balanced performance in the traditional areas of teaching, scholarship and service."

Our year was filled with national searches for faculty and a new dean! James Ciesla, currently associate dean for research and resources in the College of Health and Human Sciences at Northern Illinois University, will become our new dean on July 1. Six new assistant or associate professors will join the college in the fall: Beth Sanders, University of Houston will join the criminal justice program; Jinha Lee, Emory University and Stephen Borders, University of Baltimore will join the new masters in health services administration program in the Department of Public and Allied Health; Jordan Wilfong, University of Louisville, will join the social work program; Wan Shen, University of North Carolina and Jonathan Kershaw, Purdue University will join the food and nutrition program. These are exciting additions to a college that continues to grow and prosper.

As I finish my role as interim dean, I'd like to express my appreciation to the great faculty, staff and students of the college. This is truly a great college achieving great things.

Warm regards,
M. Sue Houston, Ph.D.
Interim Dean of the College of Health and Human Services

Alanna Meadows credits faculty, research opportunities for her success Alanna Meadows credits faculty, research opportunities for her success
Kevin Webb ’79, ’82 Kevin Webb ’79, ’82 recognized with the HHS College Alumni Award
Superbugs! Antibiotic Resistance Matters addressed at Public Health Symposium "Superbugs! Antibiotic Resistance Matters” addressed at Public Health Symposium
Optimal Aging Institute and Opioid Teach-In
The Optimal Aging Institute (OAI) has been very active with programs such as Aging in Place as well as a new focus on the opioid crisis in middle and older adults. Programs and research information can be found on the OAI website. OAI and other faculty and staff of the college have been instrumental in developing a university and community-wide BGSU Opioid Teach-In that will be held on September 25, 2018.

New partnerships will help BGSU meet nursing demand
In order to meet the demand for more nurses in the region and across the country, BGSU and the University of Toledo will pursue independent nursing programs to educate additional health care providers. The time is right to pursue new partnerships and we will be sharing more news about the future of the programs soon.
Upcoming Events
Sept 25 - Opioid Teach-In
Oct 12-14 – Homecoming
November 2 - Food and Nutrition Symposium