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February 2019 Alumni Newsletter

Bill Mathis
Jim Ciesla, Dean
At the midpoint of my first year at BGSU I am very happy to say that I feel fortunate to serve as dean of the College of Health and Human Services! Our students are eager to learn, faculty are talented and highly engaged, and staff are dedicated and enterprising. I have been fortunate to meet many CHHS graduates, friends, and supporters and I proceed with a very strong sense that this college is poised to grow and thrive. You can learn more about our plans for the college in a recent Q&A shared below.

As we embark on this semester our efforts will be guided by the University’s strategic planning process. We have begun on our own strategic planning activities, and we will be reaching out to our many constituents—alumni, friends, and students to have a voice.

This issue showcases some of the many students, faculty, and staff that I proudly call my collaborators in advancing the college. As well, we are proud to announce a new Master of Health Services Administration degree program.

Alumni and friends, you are critical to our mission, like Dr. Michael and Robin French who give back to our students and faculty. Thank you for offering opportunities for our students to do research or complete internships. Thank you for returning to the college as examples of people who are successful professionally, but who also live lives of social responsibility and civic engagement. Thank you for your financial gifts, your encouragement and your commitment to the immeasurable value of a BGSU education. We can accomplish many things together.

Warmest regards,

Jim Ciesla, Ph.D.

Dr. Jim Ciesla

Q & A with Dr. Jim Ciesla
This is an exciting time to be at BGSU. The college faculty and staff are committed to engage our students and make a difference in their lives.

Read about my first semester and our plans for the college →

Dr. Michael and Robin French

Dr. Michael and Robin French give back to BGSU’s Speech and Hearing Clinic
Dr. Michael and Robin French were familiar with BGSU’s Speech and Hearing Clinic, but they didn’t know how valuable the clinic’s services would be until Robin had a stroke in 2004.
Be inspired by the Frenches and how they are changing students’ lives →

Brandon Peebles

Brandon Peebles plans to make an impact in criminal justice
The criminal justice program at Bowling Green State University attracted Brandon Peebles because he wants to make positive changes in the community.
Learn how Brandon’s BGSU experiences and opportunities helped land him a job as a youth adviser →

Master of Health Services Administration degree program

New master’s program to develop leaders in health care
BGSU is launching the Master of Health Services Administration degree program to prepare professionals for leadership positions in the rapidly changing field of health care.
See how the program caters to working professionals with online and in-person classes →

Kidney donor Madison Butler

Kidney donor Madison Butler gives ultimate gift to her mother
The Butler family had a lot to celebrate during the holidays, but undoubtedly the greatest gift was life. Daughter Madison donated a kidney to her mother, Stephanie, who was in seriously failing health.
Hear how faculty were instrumental in helping Madison graduate this May →

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