Math Placement Information

Students wishing to take the Math Placement Exam can make an appointment with the Learning Commons by calling 419-372-2823 or emailing the office. Testing times are available during limited hours; please propose multiple options for the test when contacting our office and understand that some requests cannot be met.

The placement exam is proctored by the Learning Commons staff for 60-minutes so students should allow approximately 75 minutes for the entire exam process. Students should also bring their student ID and a writing utensil. Calculators are NOT permitted on the exam. The Learning Commons will supply scratch paper for your use during the exam.

All students are required to check in at the front desk in the Learning Commons with their BGSU Student ID card. Following this, you will sign-on to a computer in our computer lab; log-in to MyBGSU via the web browser (Internet Explorer); select “No” on all of the security windows. The test is available in the Canvas, “Placement Testing On Campus,” only while in the Learning Commons.

Test Versions

There are three versions of the test (A, B, and C); it is important to know which version is appropriate, as you only have three exam attempts:

  • Test A is the easiest of the three exams and is designed for students that do not have the credentials necessary to be successful on Tests B or C. Test A can place you as high as MATH 1210 (College Algebra I). Students that need to take Introduction to Statistics (MATH 1150) or Mathematical Ways of Thinking (MATH 1180) can take any of the exams but are encouraged to avoid Test C.
  • Test B is the moderately difficult exam and is designed for students that have completed two years of Algebra, or for students that have completed Precalculus or above but do not feel confident with their abilities in these areas. Test B can place you as high as Precalculus (MATH 1280 or 1300). Business majors should take this exam rather than Test C as MATH 1260 can be placed-into directly with Test B.
  • Test C is the most difficult version and is designed for students who feel they are prepared to start in Calculus I (MATH 1310 or 1340). Students that recently completed Precalculus or Calculus are encouraged to take this exam. Please note, you must take Test C if you wish to start in Calculus I.

Preparing for the Test

If you want to study for the placement test, there are several options you can pursue. One option is to come to The Learning Commons and speak with a tutor. You can also download and attempt several practice tests. If you are unsure which version to take, or would like to practice, you can view the following practice tests.

If you feel you need further guidance, please feel free to contact the Mathematics, Statistics, and Supplemental Instruction Coordinator, Jeremy Joseph, at or 419-372-9129. Please remember that we are not experts in every major, and as such, cannot be expected to know which Math class you need to take. It is your responsibility to know which exam you need to take or to find out prior to your appointment.