Sexual Violence Prevention

It's On Us is a cultural movement aimed at fundamentally shifting the way we think about sexual assault. It's On Us is a rallying cry inviting everyone to step up and realize that the solution begins with us. It’s a declaration that sexual assault is not only a crime committed by a perpetrator against a victim, but a societal problem in which all of us have a role to play. We are reframing sexual assault in a way that inspires everyone to see it as their responsibility to do something, big or small, to prevent it. BGSU is charged with creating an environment, be it a dorm room, a party, a club or a sports team, or the greater college campus, where sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported. 

Peer Intensive Training Weekend | September 16, 2017 12 PM - Student Recreation Center

Faith DeNardo - Co-Chair
Director of Wellness Connection
Vicky Kulicke - Co-Chair
Equity and Diversity Officer in the Office of Equity and Diversity
Deanna WoodHouse
Equity and Diversity Assistant
Meghan Horn
Assistant Coordinator for Student Athletic Services
Arielle Patty
Advocate from The Cocoon
Brooke Martin
Student in Marketing for Recreation and Wellness

The well-being of the other person is of the utmost importance during any sexual encounter. Be aware of what your partner is saying or not saying during an encounter. When in doubt about proceeding to the next level of intimacy, ask. Checking in with your partner about what you are doing is a way of sharing the power and control of the situation that was initiated by you with them. This keeps the interaction an equal and safe situation for both parties.

Only a person's consent gives one the right to engage in sexual contact.
  • Consent must be voluntary.
  • An individual cannot consent who is:
    • Substantially impaired by any drug or intoxicant; or
    • Who has been compelled by force, threat of force, or deception; or
    • Who is unaware that the act is being committed; or 
    • Whose ability to consent is impaired because of a mental or physical condition; or
    • Who is coerced by supervisory or disciplinary authority.
  • Consent may be withdrawn at any time.
  • Prior sexual activity or relationship does not, in and of itself, constitute consent.
  • An individual must be of legal age to give consent, as defined by the State of Ohio.

The videos below were made by Planned Parenthood. The videos explain what consent is and what consent looks like.

How Do You Know if Someone Wants to Have Sex with You?

The only way to know if someone wants to have sex with you is to ask. Consent is about asking, and listening to the answer.

When You know They're Into It

Enthusiastic consent is when both people are clearly into what's happening. Here's what that looks like.

When They're Kinda Into It

Sometimes your partner looks unsure, isn't totally into it, or needs to talk about things before moving forward. Here's how to pause and check in with your partner.

When They're Just Not Into It

Sometimes your partner doesn't want to do what you're interested in, is too drunk or high to consent, or is just simply not into you. Here's how to handle these situations with respect.