Position Descriptions

Marketing & Communications would like to thank you for volunteering to help with one of the most important events in the lives of Bowling Green State University (BGSU) students. This will be a very rewarding experience as families and friends arrive excited to see their loved ones graduate. The graduates and their guests will need all of our assistance. For some, commencement may be their first and/or last visit to the BGSU main campus. It is our duty to make this a pleasant day for our students and guests while creating a memorable impression to take home and share with others.

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Admission/Ticket Taker

Volunteers will collect admission tickets only (Not Special Accommodations or Presidential Seating Passes) as guests enter The Stroh Center. Commencement staff can show you an admission ticket sample for each ceremony. A common question will be “Do I need a ticket for my child?” Yes! The only exception is if the child will be seated on the lap of a parent.

Elevator Monitor

All guests must travel to the second floor of The Stroh Center for commencement seating. Guests who are unable to utilize the stairs, there is one elevator located at the front door entrance (the entrance opposite the falcon statue). One volunteer will assist guests on the first floor, one will ride inside the elevator and one volunteer will direct guests on the second floor. Note: The elevator is only for guests unable to travel up or down the stairs, from the beginning to the conclusion of the commencement ceremonies. Guests should utilize the stairs unless accompanying a special accommodations person. Your sensitivity and best judgment will be required when assisting in these areas.

Golf Cart Drivers/Outside

Volunteers will drive golf carts for our elderly and special accommodation guests who attend the Commencement ceremony. You must submit a Risk Management form for clearance to drive the golf carts on campus.

Graduate Ushers

Volunteers are needed to direct and assist our graduates and faculty/staff members from various parking lots to the staging areas where graduates and faculty will gather prior to the ceremony.

Guest Ushers

Commencement ceremonies at BGSU welcome a large volume of family members and friends. Volunteers are needed to direct and assist guests.

Program Distributors

Volunteers will distribute programs to guests as they arrive, and direct traffic. You will have a graduate seating diagram to assist guests with questions concerning where graduates will be seated.

Special Accommodation Seating

Volunteers will assist with seating guests in Special Accommodations reserved section (Glassed railing with chairs from Section 101 - 110). Guests will need a Special Accommodation Seating Pass to enter this area. The general rule is that one person may sit with the disabled guest and the rest of the family members can sit on the top tier of the general admission seating that has been reserved for them. If a person with an obvious mobility challenge presents him or herself and does not have a ticket, they should be allowed to sit in the section with one other family member. Please note that there will be open spaces left between some chairs, which are for wheelchair guests. Handicap accessible restrooms are available on the second floor of the Stroh Center. Please collect seating passes and return them to Commencement staff.

Ticket Pick-Up Window

Volunteers will assist guest with last minute ticket pick-up at the exterior ticket pick-up window on the North side of the Stroh Center.

Please note the following additional details:

  1. If we are in the Stroh center, enter through the Schmitdhorst Pavillion entrance (Wooster street side) and report to the commencement staff. They will assist with directing you to your "station." The commencement ceremony will begin promptly at the times and dates noted above.
  2. Wear orange and brown business casual apparel to help our visitors recognize you as representing BGSU. Please do not wear jeans.
  3. Wear your University nametag if you have one and comfortable shoes. If you do not have a nametag, one will be supplied for you.
  4. Assist with controlling the commencement guests during the processional. We need your assistance to ensure the graduates remain in their lines and quickly move to their seats.

Once the ceremony officially begins and no one needs further assistance, you may leave your volunteer stations. Again, we thank you for your valuable help with this important event for BGSU.