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Are you a high school student looking to be academically challenged?  Are you looking to begin courses in your intended major to ensure it's a good fit? Do you want to potentially save money by earning college credit and high school credit together?

Apply Now

Complete our free online application found here.

Deadline for Fall & Summer: April 15th
Deadline for Spring: November 15th

Have your high school transcript sent to BGSU (a 3.0 is required for acceptance).

Inform your school counselor that you applied to BGSU for College Credit Plus.  

Transcripts can be:

  • Email to: 
  • Fax to: 419-372-6955 

Send ACT or SAT scores to BGSU (if not included on high school transcript). And ACT reading score of 20 is required for acceptance.

BGSU Admissions will accept the Accuplacer reading score of 80 in place of the ACT/SAT.  Accuplacer testing may be offered at you high school site.  Consult with you high school counselor to determine how and when to take the Accuplacer test.

Pre-College Programs will offer Accuplacer on-campus throughout Spring 2017. Dates will be the last Friday of the month.

To be eligible to take the Accuplacer, you MUST apply to the BGSU CCP program prior to testing.

Registration is required. 
To reserve a seat please call 419-372-9876 at least 48 hour in advance.  Spaces are limited.

  • January 27th
    5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    Hayes Hall 107
  • February 24th
    4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    Psychology Building 103
  • March 31st
    4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    Psychology Building 103
  • April 28th
    4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    Psychology Building 103

Accuplacer Sample

Accuplacer Study App

If accepted

Your email/letter from admissions will include your BGSU ID number which is required to create your account.

If you have earned college credit at another institution, have transcripts sent to BGSU.  

Transcripts can be mailed to:

Office of Admissions
110 McFall Center
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Gree, OH 43403-0085

Some courses may require a placement test.  

Click here for more information


If you are currently taking BGSU courses and plan to continue, schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to register for classes.

If you were previously enrolled in CCP at BGSU and stopped attending for a semester or longer, please click on the Readmit form icon. Please complete the readmit form, scan, and email to (see below)


On-Campus/Online:  Once your readmit form is received, you will need to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to register for classes.  To schedule, call 419-372-8943.

Dual Enrollment (Classes at HS): Once your readmit form is received, work with your school counselor to determine the BGSU courses you will enroll in at your high school.  Your school counselor will contact your BGSU academic advisor for course registration.   Orientation sessions will occur during the academic year.  Individual appointments are not required.

After completing the above steps you will receive an email and letter from BGSU regarding your application status.

High schools will assist students in the book ordering process. Students should NOT purchase books on their own unless directed to do so by their school district. The textbook will be the property of the school district.

BGSU will send CCP student schedule reports to each district approximately two weeks prior to the start of classes and approximately three weeks after the semester has begun to ensure accurate textbook ordering. It is the responsibility of the student to follow up with their school district to learn the process of receiving their books for each semester.

Delivery Options and Eligibility

BGSU CCP courses are recommended for qualified 9-12th grade students.

On-Campus: The On-Campus Option provides the opportunity to strengthen and enrich a student's educational experience through enrollment in college courses on the main campus of BGSU.  

: Unable to come to campus?  Enroll in BGSU courses online and earn college credit in the comfort of your home.  Online course utilize our Canvas learning management system.

Online learners must have excellent time management skills and be able to motivate themselves to keep up with their work. 

College classes will be offered on the high school campus if the high school has partnered with BGSU to offer courses under one of the current three options of course delivery. 

Available classes will vary between districts.  Speak with your high school counselor to see if your school offers this option.

Self-Pay: High school students may also choose to pay the costs of college coursework. Students in this program are eligible to take a maximum of 15 hours of coursework each semester during the academic year.  Students can decide if they want the college class to also count for high school credit (with exception of remedial courses).  

Students and parents are financially responsible for paying all tuition and textbook related expenses.  

Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their high school guidance counselor and college advisor when making course selections.

To be eligible students must meet BGSU admission requirements (see "Apply Now" for more information)

Public School Students: College Credit Plus is an opportunity available to all 7-12 grade students who are accepted into the program by a college or university within Ohio.

Private School Students: Private School students must apply to the Ohio Department of Education to receive funding to underwrite their costs. Please check the main College Credit Plus page for information, forms and updates.

Homeschool Students: Homeschool students must apply to the Ohio Department of Education to receive funding to underwrite their costs. Please check the main College Credit Plus page for information, forms and updates.

Courses you are permitted to take
  • CCP students may take classes that are open, provided all course prerequisites are met. 
  • Students interested in Music Performance should contact the Coordinator of Music Admissions at 419-372-8577 for information about auditions and placement.
  • Many CCP students enroll in BG Perspective, general education, courses at BGSU if pre-requisites are met. For examples of BG Perspective classes, please visit:
Courses you are not permitted to take
  • You cannot take developmental classes such as GSW 1100, MATH 90X, and MATH 95X.
  • · Certain courses are reserved for specific student populations; these are identified by including a letter at the end of the course number (example; SOC 1010A or SOC 1010H). Be sure to look at the course numbers carefully to avoid any errors.
  • · Courses that are religious in nature
  • · Physical Education courses
  • · Study Abroad

Placement Tests

Some BGSU courses may require a placement test-- Specifically our Writing, Math, and some Science courses.

After you have completed your Writing Placement please email Claire Hoover at to inform your Academic Advisor that you have completed your placement.  Your placement will not be evaluated until you have emailed your advisor.

Writing Placement Test Instructions:

  •  If you are interested in registering for a GSW (General Studies Writing) class to fulfill a high school English credit you will need to complete the Writing Placement. To access the writing placement go to the following link  Use your BGSU username and password to log-in. 
  • Once at the placement test site, you will be directed to read three documents: general information about the composition program at BGSU, directions for taking the placement test, and a short essay of general interest to college students.
  • You will be given a choice of three possible writing prompts related to the essay you were asked to read. Read each prompt carefully and then choose ONE you wish to write on.
  • While you are expected to spend no more than two hours writing an essay of no more than 800 words in response to the prompt you selected, you will actually have a 24-hour window within which to submit your essay. The 24-hour period will begin when you first access the site and will end 24 hours later; you may access the site an unlimited number of times within that 24-hour period, and you may submit your essay at any point within that 24-hour period. However, you may submit only one essay.
  • You are encouraged to write your essay using your own word processing software (such as Word or WordPerfect), and must cut and paste your essay into the writing placement text box to submit your essay.
  • When your 24-hour window for submitting your essay has ended, your access to the site will end, so be sure to complete and submit your essay within that 24-hour period.
  • Once you have successfully submitted the test, you will receive an email sent to your BGSU email account notifying you that BGSU has received your test. 
  • After you have completed your Writing Placement please email Claire Hoover at

Is assistance with the Writing Placement permitted?

Do not obtain any form of assistance while taking the Writing Placement. This includes consulting with a teacher, parent or friend for proofreading or editing your written essay. It is imperative that you honor this important part of the testing guidelines. It is to your disadvantage to receive a score higher than your actual abilities. A score that is too high would place you in a course beyond your capabilities with a limited probability of success.

  • If you wish to enroll in a math course at BGSU, you will need to take the mathematics placement at the Learning Commons in the library.  Call to schedule an appointment: 419-372-2823.  You may schedule the placement between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Bring you BG ID or other photo ID, your username/password, and a pencil or pen.
  •  If you have official ACT scores on file with BGSU, you may not need to take the Math Placement test.  ACT scores are evaluated on an as-needed basis.  Please contact the CCP office at if you have questions regarding the Math Placement.
  • You will select one of three placement tests.  It is recommended that you take a practice test beforehand, available on the Learning Commons web site:
  •  You are allowed 60 minutes for the mathematics test. Calculators are NOT permitted.
  • If you take the test more than once, only the highest score earned is recorded.

If you have computer-related questions, please contact or the Technology Support Center at 419-372-0999.  Technical/computer-related questions might include the following situations:

  • You are not able to enter or locate the test site.
  • Your password is not functioning.
  • Your computer system crashes during the test.
  • Test pages are not loading correctly, or parts of the directions are not visible.
  • You do not receive a confirmation email to your BGSU email account within two days after submitting a test.

To register for on-campus and online classes you are required to meet with your Academic Advisor each semester to discuss course options. 

New for Summer BGSU CCP Students:  To register for Summer you must meet with an Academic Advisor for a 1-hour appointment.  To make an appointment with you Academic Advisor please call our office at 419-372-8943.

New for Fall BGSU CCP Students: Once accepted you will receive information on how register for the Fall semester in your admissions letter. You have the option of attending a CCP Registration Night event in May, or scheduling an appointment with your advisor after the registration events.

New for Spring CCP Students:  To register for Spring you must meet with an Academic Advisor for a 1-hour appointment.  To make an appointment with you Academic Advisor please call our office at 419-372-8943.

Continuing BGSU CCP Students:
  If you have already enrolled in courses through BGSU's CCP program before, you must meet with an Academic Advisor every semester before you can register for classes.  To make an appointment with you Academic Advisor please call our office at 419-372-8943.

At BGSU, College Credit Plus students are assigned an academic advisor from day one, and we strive to provide every opportunity possible for students to not only meet with an advisor, but to develop an important and on-going partnership designed to lead toward the important outcome of student success.

Students work with advisors to:

  • establish educational and career goals
  • develop academic degree plans
  • explore experiential learning opportunities such as study abroad, service learning, internships, undergraduate research and many other co-curricular opportunities

Group Advising: Group advising sessions are available each semester.  Students should check their BGSU email for information on up-coming group advising sessions.

If you will be attending a group advising session, please complete our Group Advising Handout found here: Group Advising

Claire Hoover

Academic Advisor
(Advises high school students taking BGSU courses online or on the BGSU campus)


To make an appointment please call our office at 419-372-8943.

Holly Cipriani

Academic Advisor
(Advises students taking BGSU courses at their high school)


For questions please call our office at 419-372-8943.