Webinars & Workshops

Do you want to learn more about SMART Board, web 2.0, Google apps, or even Adobe? We are happy to provide hands-on learning sessions for you in these, and other areas. For the months of November and December, we will schedule sessions on demand. Below are the titles of sessions presented in October, which can be repeated. Or contact us with new ideas! For more information email us at xep@bgsu.edu.

  • Get to Know Canvas
  • The Secret Tools of the MAC
  • Google Sites
  • Basic Smartboard
  • Beyond the Basics of Smartboard
  • Using the iPad for more than the Internet
  • Dropbox and the “Cloud”
  • Quizlet – web 2.0
  • Prezi PAZZ - web 2.0
  • How to use Podcasting in your Classroom
  • The Wonderful World of Adobe Acrobat
  • Google Docs
  • Google Forms

Ed Prep 21 Faculty/Student Collaboratives

If you are interested in having professional intellectual conversations with faculty and students  interested in issues related to 21st century teaching and learning, the Ed Prep 21 Collaborative Series is for you!

For those sessions scheduled over the noon hour, participants are welcome to bring their lunch for the meeting. Below are the sessions that are upcoming. Contact us if you would like to facilitate a session or have suggestions for additional topics.  

iPads in the Classroom
Academic Impressions Webinar
The iPad™ offers endless possibilities for teaching and learning, but that doesn’t mean it is always the most effective tool. A faculty member’s purpose in using an iPad™ is the most significant factor in determining how successful its use will be in the classroom. Join us online as we discuss a framework to help you think about the potential of the iPad™ in your classroom effectiveness.

Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge
This discussion will highlight the theoretical framework for TPCK and explore current resources available to support teachers in implementing instructional strategies that powerfully match digital resources, teaching/learning methodologies, and targeted content knowledge.

Flipped Classroom 
This discussion will examine the concept of the Flipped Classroom, for K-12 schools and higher education venues. Beyond the theory, we will explore resources for flipping, as well as professional networks that are employing the flipped philosophy.

Digital Texts 
This discussion will dig deeper into the implications of the national focus to migrate k-12 schools to all digital resources (rather than paper textbooks). We will highlight schools in northwest Ohio who are beginning this process, as well as examine the range ( and quality) of current digital resources.

All sessions in ED 365. Some will be recorded in Bb Collaborate and accessed remotely. Call, stop in, or email for more information.