Interactive Whiteboard Olympics

In order to effectively teach in the 21st century, educators must be constantly retooling. One digital technology that has permeated K-12 schools is the interactive whiteboard. In order to encourage fluency and discovery in this digital medium, the Center of Excellence for 21st Century Educator Preparation sponsored an IWB Olympics.

This event was meant to be fun and motivational, allowing faculty and students to develop exemplary techniques in using IWB technology to create interactive and intellectually challenging classroom experiences. BGSU EDHD students and faculty members participated in the Interactive Whiteboard Olympics in November, 2012, and the “Gold Medal” winner in each division (undergraduate, graduate, faculty, staff, and K-12 teacher)  won an iPad!

In order to compete in the IWB Olympics, participants prepared a 5-minute lesson demonstrating a variety of tools and resources within the software. These lessons were presented during the week of November 12. A panel of judges using a predetermined rubric evaluated the lessons.

The registration deadline for participation was October 1, 2012.  Participants presented their lessons on Tuesday, November 13 from 12:00-2:00 pm and Friday, November 16, from 4:00-6:00 pm. The public was invited to attend and support their champions. Congratulations to our winners!

  • Cody Apthorpe (Undergraduate Division): 9.17
  • Shakari Lige (Graduate Division): 9.17
  • Beth Pinheiro (Faculty Division): 7.23
  • Lorie Morelock (Staff Division): 8.00
  • Paul Reinhart (K-12 Teacher Division): 8.77

Whiteboard Olympics

Final Scores for All Participants (10-point scale)  


Cody Apthrope: 9.17

Courtney Diener: 8.73

Tyler Erb: NP

Nichelle Gaddis: 6.87

Edward Luther: 7.57

Jessie Minard: 8.23

Courtney Nelson: 8.47

Aubrie Sole: NP


Sarah Bires: 9.10

Cassandra Cull: 8.47

Shakari Lige: 9.17

Elizabeth Rebacz: NP

Xiong Yang Yang: 8.43

Ning Zhang: 6.33


Tim Murnen: 5.07

Beth Pinheiro: 7.23

Marcia Rybczynski: 5.33


Lorie Morelock: 8.00

Wendy Vaughn: 7.45

K-12 Teacher

Cale Hover: 8.70

Paul Reinhart: 8.77

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