Digital Texts Learning Community

Developing Expertise in K-12 e-Books

The Digital Text Learning Community consists of BGSU teacher education faculty members exploring current digital textbooks and resources for K-12 schools. Because of the nation’s push to integrate digital texts in all K-12 classrooms by 2017, there is an urgent need for teacher education faculty to develop and share expertise in this area. The key goals for faculty participants include:

  • Develop an expertise in understanding the potential of digital texts
  • Identify and evaluate digital texts currently available for the K-12 classroom
  • Create exemplary pilot digital texts in a variety of subject and grade levels
  • Distribute critiques and commentaries to the broader university and K-12 communities

The learning community meets twice a month, throughout the academic year (Spring, 2013-Fall 2013) on the BGSU campus for presentations on open source and purchased K-12 digital textbooks options, types and features of mobile technologies that support these digital resources, and authoring tools for these electronic environments. Members identify 1-3 of these digital texts to explore each month and publish their summaries and critiques related to these resources on individual blogs, all linked from the Digital Texts Explorations website. Throughout the year, faculty members will be asked to share their blogs and experiences with their current undergraduate students and fellow faculty members, to extend the conversations.

The DTLC members are:

Mary Ann Culver (Early Childhood, Language Arts)

Jodi Haney (Middle Childhood/Adolescent Young Adult, Science)

Kristin Lierheimer (Special Education)

Gabriel Matney (Early Childhood/Middle Childhood, Mathematics)

Nancy Patterson (Adolescent Young Adult, Social Studies)

Sharon Subreenduth (Middle Childhood, Social Studies)

Website and blogs from this effort: