BYOD Olympics

In order to effectively teach in the 21st century, educators must be constantly retooling. In recent years, digital mobile technologies have begun to permeate our classrooms. Accompanying this influx is the “Bring Your Own Device” policy in many school districts. Exemplary teachers are becoming skillful in leveraging these devices to impact meaningful student learning.  In order to encourage fluency and discovery in this digital medium, the Center of Excellence for 21st Century Educator Preparation is sponsoring a BYOD Olympics.

This event is meant to be fun and motivational, allowing faculty and students to develop exemplary techniques in using mobile devices to create interactive and intellectually challenging classroom experiences. BGSU EDHD students, faculty and staff members, as well as local K-12 teachers, can participate in the BYOD Olympics in February, and the “Gold Medal” winner in each division (undergraduate, graduate and faculty) will win an iPad mini!

In order to compete in the BYOD Olympics, participants will prepare a 5-minute lesson demonstrating some strategic ways to incorporate student mobile devices into the learning process. These lessons will be presented during the week of February 17. A panel of judges using a predetermined rubric that will be distributed in December will evaluate lessons.

For more information about the BYOD Olympics, email the center at or stop by 365 Education. Training and coaching sessions will be available, as well as web resources to prepare for the competition.

For further exploration of Bring Your Own Device technologies, check out the following resources:
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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Connected Educators
Learning Community

Join a vibrant connected educators learning community for those interested
in discovering what it means when we empower students to BYOD. The
community includes blog posts, twitter chats, Facebook pages, Google
communities, and video conferencing that will take place throughout the

Participants can receive up to 18 contact hours from Bowling Green State
University. Fee is $50. contact Mary Heather Munger for details at

Link to last year's (2013) Interactive Whiteboard Olympics!