Center of Excellence for 21st Century Educator Preparation

The Center of Excellence for 21st Century Educator Preparation focuses on exploring and deploying strategies and resources for effective and innovative K-12 classrooms. The center provides professional development opportunities for BGSU faculty and students, as well as support structures for K-12 administrators and teachers. Partnerships amongst these various stakeholder groups are being continuously nurtured, targeting key initiatives, such as mobile technologies, digital textbooks, online teaching and learning, and the Flipped Classroom.

Center of Excellence Key Directions

Because the global educational landscape is quickly evolving, the center’s work necessarily must remain responsive and nimble. However, these are our current key directions:

  • Research K-12 school best practices related to 21st century skills (P21) and innovations for supporting student learning.
  • Build partnerships between K-12 schools and BGSU faculty/students to mutually support innovative, 21st century educational best practices.
  • Provide BGSU faculty/students with opportunities to explore and deploy innovative, 21st century educational best practices.
  • Distribute research findings and examples of best practices related to innovative, 21st century education.

Dr. Savilla Banister, Director for the center, is a Professor in Classroom Technologies, with a strong record of research and practice in K-12 digital technology integration. Dr. Banister is actively seekingschool partnerships, for the purpose of piloting innovations and providing teacher candidate with authentic classroom experiences. If your school is interested in such a partnership, please contact her or the center itself You can also visit the center at 365 Education or call them at 419-372-3351.

Key initiatives for the 2013-2014 academic year include:

Initiatives from the 2012-2-13 academic year: