DEBO seeks to:

  • Develop talent in undergraduate and graduate students to cultivate future business leaders of the state
  • Continue development of graduate education to serve Ohio's working professionals
  • Partner with businesses and government leaders to support work force development
  • Transfer knowledge gained from research to help improve the efficiency and competitiveness of business and organizations

How does DEBO accomplish its goals?

DEBO applies interdisciplinary knowledge and behavioral science research and techniques to systematically identify barriers to effectiveness at the individual, team and organization levels and implement sustainable changes to increase organizational success and ultimately economic development of the region and state.

Scope of Activities

  • Impact economic development in Ohio by serving as a strong partner for workforce talent development.
    • conferences
    • workshops
    • consultation
    • customized training
  • Transfer research knowledge gained from field studies on talent and organizational development, helping to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of businesses and organizations throughout Ohio.
  • Provide research and service learning for undergraduate and graduate students through applied projects and rich experiential educational opportunities that prepare graduates to contribute effectively in a global economy.
  • Engage in talent development for undergraduate and graduate students, preparing students to be the future business leaders of our region and nation through carefully designed academic coursework, co-curricular opportunities and work-related experiences.