Meet Our Families


Our second family, Amy Olea

Groundbreaking August 15, 2019

Amy Olea has always wanted to own her own home and never gave up believing someday it would happen.  That someday seemed far off as she encountered health problems, along with financial, emotional, and physical abuse carried out by her ex-husband.  Once divorced, Amy knew she needed to create a better future for her family.  She always believed that owning her own home would be a “ a firm foundation…stability for myself and my children…in a place I can call my own”.

As a single mother of two children, Amy works tirelessly to make ends meet.  Everyday life keeps her busy, though she never gave up on her dream to be a homeowner.  Amy did not know about Habitat For Humanity of Wood County, until one day she read an email from her son’s school.  The email contained the ‘call-out for applicants’ for homeownership from the HFHWC organization.  Amy admitted she was scared to apply and thought for sure she would not qualify due to her credit score and student loan debt.  After Amy met with Mark Ohashi, Executive Director of HFHWC, she was ready to overcome her fear and began the application process.  As with any applicant, Amy had to go through a lengthy application process, attend committee meetings, and allow home visits from the Selection Committee.  Amy was surprised when there was a new request from HFHWC to inspect the outside of her current rental home.  Although this seemed odd to her, she gladly complied.  Much to her surprise, this particular visit was not an inspection, rather an announcement the she would be a future homeowner in Bowling Green!

Amy and her family are so appreciative and excited to be on the journey of homeownership through HFHWC. She has attended numerous Homeownership Programs including Financial Peace University, has been on other HFHWC build sites, and is compiling hours towards the minimum of 250 sweat-equity hours.  

You can make a difference in Amy’s life by donating, hosting a fundraiser or volunteering during this partnership.


Our first family, Marlene Lerch 

Groundbreaking August 13, 2018

Marlene Lerch, a single mother of three, opens up her door to life changing news. She has received news that she will be the first Habitat homeowner in Bowling Green.

For the last nine years, she and her family have been living in a mobile home intended only as a temporary fix. It is old, dilapidated and falling apart around them. Electrical problems and water damage have posed health risks for the family of four.

However, thanks to the generosity of people like you, Marlene’s story is about to change.

Their new home will begin construction this summer, giving them a safe, affordable place to live. Her children will be able to focus on their education—oldest son Jeremiah at Columbia College, daughter Aubrey at BGHS and youngest son Eric at BGMS.

Becoming a homeowner feels like a new beginning for the Lerches. Not only will they finally have a home, but also the tools needed to help them succeed in their new journey.

Today, more than ever, families like the Lerches need your help to achieve their dream of a safe, affordable place to live. As home prices climb faster than wages, more families end up in this same plight. They work hard daily, but they still can’t afford a healthy home.

You can make a difference in Marlene’s life by donating, hosting a fundraiser or volunteering during this partnership.

Thank you so much for opening more doors with us.