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A Tutor's Perspective

Learn more about the America Reads program from past tutor and BGSU Center for Public Impact staff member Tammi Turner who tutored youth at La Conexion de Wood County.


America Reads is a tutoring employment opportunity for students eligible for Federal Work-Study. Tutors choose their own shifts and go to local schools and sites such as the Wood County Library to tutor students one-on-one or in small groups. The program employs students of all majors.

America Reads was started in 1996 by the Clinton Administration. BGSU has been coordinating its America Reads program since 1997. Marty Sears (Coordinator of Community Engagement Programs) is the head of the program, running it with the help of undergraduate and graduate students. 

"I have built many relationships with my students already. They look forward to seeing me every day and I look forward to seeing them. They teach me more than I could ever teach them, in a good way. They look forward to showing me their work and projects every time I come in." - Hannah Foos, Freshman Early Childhood Education major, America Reads tutor, 2018


First, complete the application above and we will determine whether you are eligible for Federal Work-Study. Once confirmation of work-study eligibility or ineligibility is made, you will receive an email from the program coordinator. If eligible, you will need to send a resume to Select students will undergo an interview process before being hired into the program.

  • Tutors who do not drive: $9.50/hour
  • Tutors who drive to sites in Bowling Green: $10.00/hour
  • Tutors who drive outside of Bowling Green: $12.50/hour

The program does not reimburse for gas mileage, thus drivers receive a higher hourly rate.


The format of sessions varies: tutors who work during the school day will receive pre-planned lessons prior to giving the session. The after-school sessions are more open-ended, including homework help and assistance in reading instruction. Lesson plans will not be provided for after-school sessions.

  • Federal Work-Study eligibility
  • BCI and FBI background checks

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a source of federally funded need-based financial aid. Students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for Federal Work-Study. Students who demonstrate financial need as determined by Student Financial Aid may receive FWS as part of their financial aid "package." Student Financial Aid determines the amount students can earn during the school year.


Most shifts are about three hours long either in the morning or early afternoon (a typical school day). Many after school shifts are available and there are evening shifts at the local library and with La Conexion de Wood County.

Tutors select their working hours and placements in order to work around class schedules. Tutors have the option to drive for a carpool but driving is not a requirement.


Marty Sears,
Coordinator of Community Engagement Programs
100 University Hall

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Our mission:

  • Enhance kids' literacy skills
  • Connect developing professionals with kids in educational environments that promote learning and literacy skills
We are committed to meeting the challenge to have all children reading well and independently by the end of third grade.

Information for Prospective Tutors

Learn More About Our Sites:  

Woodmore Elementary is located in Woodville, Ohio

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Powell Elementary is located in North Baltimore, Ohio and part of the North Baltimore school district.

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Reaching New Heights (formerly Learning Day by Day) is hosted by the Perrysburg Heights Community Center. "Students from all four Perrysburg elementary schools are engaging in the Reaching New Heights reading program. Students in 2nd through 4th grade meet after school at the Perrysburg Heights Community Center Monday through Thursday to engage in literacy-building activities and receive reading instructional support using the Project MORE curriculum model."

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Kenwood Elementary is a part of the Bowling Green City Schools system in Bowling Green, Ohio.

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Conneaut Elementary is a part of the Bowling Green City Schools system in Bowling Green, Ohio.

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Rossford Elementary is part of the Rossford Schools system in Rossford, Ohio.

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Eastwood Elementary is a part of the Eastwood Local Schools District in Pemberville, Ohio.

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Elmwood Elementary is part of Elmwood Local Schools in Bloomdale, Ohio.

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Waterville Primary School is part of the Anthony Wayne Local School District in Waterville, Ohio.

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Crim Elementary is part of the Bowling Green City Schools system in Bowling Green, Ohio.

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The Downs Syndrome Association of Greater Toledo's mission is to, "build a  community where all individuals with Down syndrome are accepted, included, and given limitless opportunities to pursue their dreams as respected members of society."

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La Conexión is "a welcoming resource of unity, empowerment and representation for the Latino community." America Reads tutors tutor children in the community in all subjects in their after school program.

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The Wood County District Public Library is located in Bowling Green, Ohio.

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