About Alternative Breaks

As a chapter member of Break Away, "a national organization that promotes the development of quality alternative break programs through training, assisting, and connecting campuses and communities," we model our trips after Break Away's foundational values.  The building blocks of an alternative break are the Active Citizenship Continuum, the Triangle of Quality Community Service, and the 8 Components of a Quality Alternative Break. We educate our leadership team, site leaders, and trip participants on these foundational values in order to serve as a stepping stone to a positive and intentional alternative break experience.

Tell me More About bGAB

bGAB was founded in 2013 by Maddi Georgoff, a BGSU alumnus (2015). She attended a Break Away Citizenship School and forever committed to fulfilling the goals of the alternative break movement! Our first trip went out during fall break in 2013 to Detroit, Michigan. Maddi was integral to the process of recruiting students who wanted to impact communities during alternative breaks and was successful in leading the organization for two years before her graduation. She created a thriving student-led alternative break program that has garnered institution-wide notice and praise. Since 2013, bGAB has sent out 318 students on 31 trips and dedicated 9,709 hours of direct service to community partners.

Alternative breaks provide BGSU students with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of their service and work with the community to create positive change and stimulate meaningful dialogues about the issues communities are facing. bGAB also offers invaluable leadership opportunities.  Executive Board positions and Site Leader positions are the next steps in the quest to get more involved with this organization. All members of the leadership team receive training, and in return are equipped with the skills to facilitate training sessions, pre-trip meetings, and plan and implement service trips and other events related to the organization.

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Contact Info: If you have further questions please contact our leadership team at bgab@bgsu.edu