2020-2022 Cohort


headshot Valdez

Paul Valdez

Position: Associate Director, Center for Public Impact
Phone: 419-372-9287
Email: paulv@bgsu.edu

headshot Line

Joanna Line

Position: Graduate Assistant, Center for Public Impact
Phone: 419-372-5467
Email: jmline@bgsu.edu


headshot Albertini

Bill Albertini

Position: Associate Professor, English
Phone: 419-372-8668
Email: woalber@bgsu.edu

Bill is developing the course ENG 3110: Gay and Lesbian Literature and Criticism as well as graduate English seminars to help students connect literary studies on topics including sexuality, gender, disability, health, power, and normativity to work in the community.

Bill’s research interests include queer and gender studies, disability studies, ethnicity and race, intersectionality, illness and contagion, and cultural studies.

headshot Martin-Lengel

Beth Gilfillan

Position: Assistant Professor, Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling
Phone: 419-372-7312
Email: gilfile@bgsu.edu

Beth is developing the course COUN 6690: Professional Orientation to School Counseling. One of the main goals for this course for students how school counselors use data to inform their decision-making and planning. In this course, students will collaborate with school counselors to gather and analyze data to inform school counseling programs.

Beth’s research interests include training school counselors, improving college access, college and career readiness, supporting first generation college students and their families.

headshot Ostrowski

Lucas Ostrowski

Position: Associate Professor, Theater and Film
Phone: 419-372-9367
Email: lostrow@bgsu.edu

Lucas is developing the course THFM 4850: Personal Cinematic Story Telling. Motion pictures allow the artist to reach an audience greater than the local viewer. The film program focuses on collaboration, communication, and creativity. In this course students will broader their interpersonal skills and technical knowledge, and learn new and unique ways to express ideas in collaboration with members of the community.

Lucas’ research interests include filmmaking: narrative, documentary, experimental, visual storytelling, and personal storytelling.

headshot Saunders

Suzi Saunders

Position: HR Training Specialist, Human Resources
Phone: 419-372-2126
Email: smsaund@bgsu.edu

Suzi is developing programs offered through the Office of Human Resources for faculty and staff members that incorporate leadership development and customer service skill development and service-learning.