2015-2017 Cohort



Paul Valdez

Position: Associate Director of Service-Learning
Email: paulv@bgsu.edu


Lee Nickoson

Position: Associate Professor, Department of English
Email: leenick@bgsu.edu


Matthew Hirman

Position: Assistant Director for Curricular Programs & Faculty Development

2015-2017 MEMBERSHIP


Laney Fugett

Position: Senior Lecturer, Visual Communication Technology
Email: lfugett@bgsu.edu

After earning her Masters of Education Degree in Career and Technology Education at Bowling Green State University in 1992 and her Bachelors degree from the Visual Communication Technology program in 1990, Laney Fugett has worked in the printing industry. After graduating with her Masters, she was employed in the printing industry as a Customer Service Representative with Danner Press from 1992-1998 and then was employed as an Art Director and a Print Production Manager at E-B Display Company from 1998 until 2002.

She has been an Instructor, Lecturer and now a Senior Lecturer & Faculty Advisor in the Visual Communication Technology program in the College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering at Bowling Green State University since August 2003. More recently, during the 2014-2015 academic year she served as the Interim Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs in the College. During the 2015-2016 academic year, she has returned to the VCT faculty full-time.

In addition to her faculty responsibilities Laney is a regular contributor to the needs of the VCT program where she volunteers for Preview Days, Presidents’ Days, committees and was the VCTO Faculty Advisor for the student organization from August 2007-2009. On becoming a member of the Service Learning Learning Community 2015-2017 cohort, she plans on implementing service learning applications to the VCT capstone course. The course, VCT 4670 – Visual Communication Synthesis, provides Senior VCT students the challenge and opportunity to work one-on-one with clients to analyze, determine and then proceed to solve their visual communication needs within cross-media disciplines. In addition, she will investigate other areas that service learning can be an opportunity for VCT majors during their undergraduate careers.


Beatrice Guenther

Position: Associate Professor
Email: bguenth@bgsu.edu

Beatrice Guenther has been teaching in the Department of Romance and Classical Studies/French at Bowling Green State University since 2005; she is currently interim director of the International Studies Program. She has published The Poetics of Death: the Short Prose of Kleist and Balzac (SUNY Press) and co-authored a fifth/sixth-semester French textbook, Générations (Heinle & Heine).  Her work in progress is on women’s education from the French Revolution to the Revolution of 1848 and is entitled “Between Revolution and Reaction: Women’s Education as Cultural Capital from Louise d’Epinay to George Sand,” and she is also involved in a research cluster at BGSU on migration in the (western) Mediterranean. Her project for the Service-Learning Learning Community is to create an introductory course on International Service-Learning for majors and minors in the International Studies Program along with updating the Spring Breakaway course in Morocco (INST 3900/FREN 3950). 


Carrie Hamady

Position: Lecturer/Coordinator, Department of Public & Allied Health
Email: carrieh@bgsu.edu

Carrie Hamady is a registered dietitian as well as a licensed dietitian in the state of Ohio.  She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Community/Medical Dietetics from Viterbo University and earned a Masters in Health Promotion with a minor in Exercise Physiology from Slippery Rock University (SRU). After leaving SRU, Carrie worked as a clinical dietitian for the majority of her career in sub-acute rehab and long-term care facilities.  She is a full-time lecturer at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) as well as the Director of the Undergraduate Dietetics Program.  She is also working on her doctorate in Leadership Studies at BGSU.  Her research interests are in sports nutrition, technology integration in dietetics education, and the use of programmatic learning outcome e-portfolios.  Along with teaching duties and school, Carrie is one of the Nutrition Coaches for BGSU Athletics.


Sara Khorshidifard

Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture and Environmental Design
Email: skhorsh@bgsu.edu

I teach at BGSU’s Department of Architecture and Environmental Design.  My research focuses on how to create resilient cities driven by place-making and by enhancing community’s connections to places.  I am interested in projects that help building and revitalizing urban communities, particularly those that help building the processes and structures for inclusion that nurture people’s relationship with their environments.  My research explores a wide range of urban contexts: already thriving and resilient, or those that are failing, dwindling, paradoxical, congested, or forgotten.  I am currently looking into projects with local impacts and greater capacities for community engagement. 


Yannick Kluch

Position: Graduate Assistant, Media and Communication

Yannick Kluch is a doctoral student and teaching associate in the School of Media and Communication at Bowling Green State University. His research interests include critical and cultural studies of communication, media representations of men, advertising, and identity construction in and through sport. Yannick is also interested in examining the potential of sport to be used as a vehicle for social change. He has presented his research at various national and international conferences, including the 101st Annual Convention of the National Communication Association in Las Vegas, USA, the 10th Global Communication Association Conference in Berlin, Germany, and the 6th International Conference on Sport and Society in Toronto, Canada. For the latter conference, he was competitively selected as a recipient of the conference’s Graduate Scholar Award in 2015.

Yannick is the founding president of the Sport, Social Justice, and Communication Coalition (SSJCC) at Bowling Green State University. Under his leadership, SSJCC launched We Are One Team in 2015, a university-wide initiative that utilizes sport to promote positive social change. Yannick hopes to implement service-learning components into the COMM 3500: Rhetoric of Sport class offered by the Department of Communication. His goal is to create a platform for collaboration between students in COMM 3500 and We Are One Team.


Mary-Jon Ludy

Position: Assistant Professor, Public and Allied Health
Email: mludy@bgsu.edu

Mary-Jon Ludy is an Assistant Professor, Registered Dietitian, and Forever Falcon. She holds a BS in Dietetics from BGSU, MS in Clinical Nutrition from Tufts University, and PhD in Nutrition from Purdue University. Mary-Jon researches bioactive spices and weight management. She teaches clinical nutrition courses and is interested in promoting active learning with technology across BGSU’s Food and Nutrition curriculum. Along with Carrie Hamady, Mary-Jon plans to develop a service learning course that focuses on responsible social media skills for health professionals. Our students will partner with health-focused community agencies to start (or enhance) their social media presence.


Ian Young

Position: Senior Lecturer, Philosophy
Email: iyoung@bgsu.edu

Ian Young arrived in Bowling Green in August of 1993 as a graduate student and completed his PhD under the guidance of Christopher Morris in 2001. The title of his dissertation was "Reconciling Cultural Diversity and Social Unity." His main area of interest is political philosophy, particularly in issues relating to multiculturalism and nationalism. He teaches a variety of undergraduate courses, including introductory courses, political philosophy, business ethics, medical ethics, philosophy of death and dying, environmental ethics and the philosophy of peace and war. In connection with the latter, he helped to create the minor in Peace and Conflict Studies at BGSU.  He also teaches courses at BGSU's Chapman Learning Community and in the Political Science department.  He has taught service learning classes at Chapman for a number of years and is planning to take BGSU students on an environmental ethics related study abroad trip to his home country of New Zealand in 2017.