2013-2015 Cohort



Dr. Jane Rosser

Position: Director  


Amy Hill

Position: Assistant Director of Curricular Programs  

2013-2015 Membership

Laura Landry-Meyer

Laura Landry-Meyer

Position: Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies
Phone: 419-372-7848
Email: landrym@bgsu.edu

Dr. Landry-Meyer's research addresses family gerontology issues with special focus on grandparent and kinship care, family policy with a focus on domestic violence, and collaborative practice within formal social service delivery systems. Her other interests include:

  • Adult Personality Development
  • Grandparent and Kinship Caregivers
  • Social Service Delivery Systems


Lisa Hanasono

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: 419-372-3512
Email: lisakh@bgsu.edu
Address: 316 West Hall

My research focuses on the ways that people communicate, process, and cope with prejudice, discrimination, and stereotypes. I am particularly interested in (a) how discrimination affects targets’ well-being and (b) the ways that social support may help people cope more effectively with discrimination. I am also interested in gender and cultural differences in supportive communication. My research has been published in journals, such as Communication Quarterly, Human Communication Research, and Sex Roles.  


Ken Garland

Position: Instructor
Phone: 419-372-9516
Email: kengarlan@bgsu.edu
Address: 108 West Hall

Ken teaches the Video Editing and the Multimedia Reporting courses in the department of Journalism and Public Relations. He also works as the advisor for BG24 News, the semi-weekly, live, half-hour student produced newscast.

In 15 years of teaching, Ken has taught courses in broadcast management, broadcast writing, news reporting, sports reporting and field and studio production. He was a news and sports anchor and reporter for stations in five different markets during an 18-year career in the television industry. He helped write and produce a documentary that was nominated for an Emmy award. Ken also spends summers doing baseball play-by-play in the Alaska Baseball League. He has won regional awards for his play-by-play broadcasts. Ken is involved with the National Press Photographer’s Association and the Radio and Television Digital News Association.


Stephen Merrill

Position: Instructor


April Conway

Position: Grad Assist-Teaching


Shirley Faulkner-Springfield

Position: Ph.D Candidate, Rhetoric and Writing

2013-2015 Cohort and Courses

  • Laura Landry Meyer – FCS 4800 – Seminar in Family and Consumer Science: Listening Post
  • Lisa Hanasono – COMM 3030 – Persuasion
  • April Conway – ENG 2070 – Intermediate Writing
  • Stephen Merrill and Ken Garland – TCOM 4690 – Seminar on Contemporary Aspects of Telecommunications