2012-2014 Cohort


Jane Rosser

Position: Director 

Dr. Mary Murray

Position: Faculty Co-Facilitator, Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs College of Education and Human Development

Amy Hill

Position: Assistant Director of Curricular Programs & Faculty Development

2012-2014 Membership

Marne Austin

Graduate Assistant-School of Media & Communication

Marne Austin is a doctoral candidate and dissertation fellow in the School of Media and Communication. She has taught service-learning courses to diverse groups of students at the university and community college levels in New Mexico, Arizona, and Ohio. Marne's use of service-learning in courses such as Small Group Communication, Relational Communication, and Public Speaking enables her to aid students in internalizing and truly analyzing course material while becoming engaged citizens in their communities. Marne plans to continue to implement service-learning activities in her classes as she progresses in her teaching career.

Christine Garbett

Instructor-General Studies Writing

Christine is in her second year as an instructor in the General Studies Writing program. She is very passionate about teaching and believes it is her responsibility to help students begin to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to negotiate, question, analyze, and create information by introducing them to a variety of texts, technologies, and ideas. She is exciting about incorporating service-learning into her curriculum because she enjoys finding new and creative ways for students to build their writing skills in a meaningful setting. Her research interests include disability studies and pedagogical approaches to accommodations.

Mariana Grohowski

Graduate Assistant-English

Mariana is a Ph.D. student in the Rhetoric and Writing program at BGSU and is currently teaching General Studies Writing. Her doctoral course work is focused on community based research and its pedagogical implications. She has a long history with service-learning having been exposed to it as an undergraduate at Grand Valley State University and again during her Master’s work which focused on service-learning and community literacy. She plans to incorporate service-learning into her future courses.

Kelly Kozlowski

Assistant Professor-Mental Health School Counseling

Kelly moved to Ohio from Fort Worth, Texas, in the summer of 2011.Prior to the move, Kelly was a middle and high school science teacher for three years in addition to serving as a middle school counselor for seven years. While in Texas, Kelly served as an adjunct professor for Tarleton and Texas A&M. Currently she teaches graduate classes in the Mental Health and School Counseling department in the School of Counseling and Special Education. Her research interest is school counselor development and identity, specifically how school counselors are trained and maintain their unique role and identity as mental health practitioners in a K-12 educational environment. She believes the best way to learn is through actual experience, either by participating in class experiential exercises or by learning-by -doing in the field. Kelly teaches classes focused on group counseling, counseling diversity, play therapy, internship, research methods, research principles, school counseling, and counseling theories. Kelly, her husband, and two daughters love living in BG.

Kate Magsamen-Conrad

Assistant Professor-Department of Communication

Kate is a relational communication scholar also trained in health and interpersonal communication. Her research interest draws on traditions of research in interpersonal and health/risk communication, relationships, psychology, and persuasion.  More broadly her research focuses on how interpersonal communication affects personal, relational, and health outcomes.  Kate is specifically interested in applied projects with the potential for grant funding and has experience in a number of approaches to interventions including interpersonal (e.g., the Brief Disclosure Intervention Project, DBI, working with HIV+ individuals) and persuasion (e.g., the NIDA funded Youth Message Development project, YMD, working with high school student). Kate’s interest in service-learning stems from the belief that students learn best from application and benefit greatly from related experiences outside of the classroom.

Russell Mills

Assistant Professor-Political Science

Dr. Russell W. Mills is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Bowling Green State University. He teaches courses in the Master of Public Administration Program as well as courses in State and Local Politics and American Government. Dr. Mills' research examines the increasing use of voluntary self-disclosure programs to ensure compliance with regulations and the effect on public accountability, with a particular focus on the use of self-disclosure programs by the Federal Aviation Administration. Additionally, Dr. Mills' research investigates the use of collaborative governance networks in the areas of regulatory oversight and disaster relief and the effect of increasing private and nonprofit sector responsibility for implementing public policy on public accountability. Dr. Mills is an advocate for service-learning in the classroom and has participated in several service-learning projects throughout his career. Through his participation in OSL’s Faculty Learning Community, he will develop and refine a service-learning course in the MPA program on Local Economic Development in which students will partner will local economic development groups to complete projects that will target the improvement of underserved populations in the Northwest Ohio and Detroit region. Dr. Mills lives with his wife Ashley and their West Highland Terrier Dolores in Bay Village, OH.

Mariana Mitova

Instructor-Apparel Merchandising Product Development

Mariana was born and raised in Bulgaria. She received a B.S. in Finance at Southwest University of Bulgaria as well as a B.S. in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development, her M.B.A., and Ed.D. in Leadership Studies from Bowling Green State University. She has been teaching within the Apparel Merchandising and Product Development program for four years. Although she has limited experience with and exposure to service-learning she is excited to find ways to incorporate it into her courses.

Mamta Ojha

Assistant Professor-Social Work

Dr. Mamta Ojha joined the BGSU faculty in 2011 as an Assistant Professor in the Social Work program. She received her Ph.D. from University of Kentucky in Social work and is also a licensed social worker. Dr. Ojha enjoys teaching and has taught a variety of courses including social welfare policy, human behavior theory, research methods, and macro practice. The rudiments of the social work profession are based in its practical application thus in her teaching she has used a variety of experiential learning pedagogies, and has presented papers on these approaches at national conferences. In the service-learning community, she hopes to learn how to effectively incorporate service-learning pedagogy in her macro practice class and also examine its effectiveness in terms of student learning outcomes. Her research and scholarship address work-family dynamics among low wage workers and immigrant workers who often are also low wage employees. Her research interests also include domestic violence, offender reentry and social work education.

Dan Shoemaker

Instructor-Pop Culture

Dan C. Shoemaker holds a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of New Mexico, a Master's in Popular Culture from BGSU, and a BA in Communication and Media Arts from Antioch College. Although his primary field is Film History and Theory, Dan also has training in Documentary Film and Folklore at the undergraduate and graduate level. He is also a graduate of the Scholar Intern Program of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta, and most of his research revolves around questions of democracy and community in American culture between the 19th and 21st centuries.

Charlie Stelle

Associate Professor-Human Services

Charlie has been teaching at BGSU for seven years within the Gerontology program. He received his Ph.D. in Family Studies from the University of Connecticut, and his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from the University of North Texas. His research interests include: families in later life; social roles in later life;
older men’s roles and relationships; aging and health promotion; aging and social policy; death, dying, and bereavement; and dating, remarriage, and sexuality in later life. He plans to implement his new service-learning course in Spring 2013 which will focus on social and political realities confronting older adults.

Anastasia Widmer

Doctoral Candidate-School of Media & Communication

Originally from Russia, Ana taught Russian at BSGU for two years before deciding to pursue her Ph.D. in communication. As a doctoral candidate, she is teaching a hybrid public speaking course that incorporates interpersonal communication theory. Ana is very passionate about inter disciplinary studies. She is excited about the opportunity to develop a service-learning course that emphasizes the importance of intercultural communications.

New Service-Learning Courses for 2012-2014 Main Campus

  • Kelly Koslowski – COUN 7040 – Play Therapy
  • Kate Magsamen-Conrad – COMM 2030 – Small Group Communication
  • Russell Mills – POLS 6600 – Local Economic Development
  • Mariana Mitova – AMPD 4020 – Merchandising Soft Goods
  • Mamta Ojha – SOWK 4060 – Social Work Practice III
  • Charlie Stelle – GERO 3250 – Applied Social Gerontology