2011-2013 Cohort


Dr. Jane Rosser
Dr. Jane Rosser

Position: Director, Office of Service-Learning

Dr. Mary Murray

Position: Faculty Co-Facilitator, Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs College of Education and Human Development

Elizabeth Panopoulos

Position: Assistant Director of Curricular Programs & Faculty Development

Allia L. Carter

Position: Assistant Director of Curricular Programs & Faculty Development

2011-2013 Membership

Dawn Hubbell-Staeble, PhD.

Lecturer - General Studies Writing

Dr. Dawn Hubbell-Staeble is a lecturer in the General Studies Writing program. Her research interests lie in the areas of literacy, critical pedagogy, first year transitioning, alternative models in education, and servant leadership. She has actively worked to facilitate alternatives to local public education for the past two decades. On campus, her special area of interest is working with at-risk students and the transition to college. She has taught in the President’s Leadership Academy Summer Bridge Program. She and her family live in Bowling Green and are active in the Bowling Green community.

Amy Fidler

Instructor - Graphic Design

Amy Fidler is a full-time graphic design educator at Bowling Green State University, and studio owner of Fidler Design. Her research interests include book design, sustainability and collaborative projects. She was the founding president of AIGA Toledo (2007) and remains active on the board. She received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This service-learning based course will apply AIGA's Design for Good initiative in the classroom and beyond, providing student "designers with the tools, resources and opportunities to become integral players in social change... The movement aims to channel designers and their creative talent toward addressing community needs."

Susana Pena, PhD.

Associate Professor - Director of Women's Studies

Dr. Susana Pena is the Director of Women’s Studies and Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies, and she has been teaching at BGSU for 10 years. Although Dr. Pena has worked with other faculty on their service-learning courses, she is teaching my first service-learning this semester: Gender & Practice in Community-Based Work (cross listed between Women’s Studies and Ethnic Studies). A version of this course will soon be required of all majors in the School of Cultural and Critical Studies that includes American Culture Studies, Ethnic Studies, Women’s Studies, and Popular Culture. This year in the service-learning community, she hopes to develop skills to be a more effective service-learning educator/facilitator and she plans to further develop the course contents to meet the needs of all four participating units in the future.

Younghee Kim, PhD.

Associate Professor - Food and Nutrition

Younghee Kim, PhD and RD (Registered Dietitian) is an Associate Professor in Food and Nutrition. As a native of Korea, and naturalized US citizen, Dr. Kim enjoys teaching a variety of courses including biochemistry aspect of nutrition, global food and culture and lifecycle nutrition. She graduated with a BS in chemistry from Seoul National University and received PhD from U. of Wisconsin, Madison in Nutritional Sciences with Biochemistry minor. Her research interests include dietary supplements usage and nutritional status of US population. Her research tool is the national survey data of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Along with her husband who is a Full Professor of Economics at BGSU, Dr Kim has travelled through 22 countries in the world and the number is increasing. She has a keen interest in service-learning and has successfully implemented two service-learning projects in her courses. She wants to add more service learning projects. She has two grown up children, a surgeon daughter, and a PhD candidate son. She loves all kinds of music, especially classical music including opera. She has taught at BGSU for 28 years.

Mary Krueger, PhD.

Affiliated Faculty - Women's Studies Director of the Women's Center

Dr. Mary Krueger has been the Director of the BGSU Women’s Center since its founding in 1998, and affiliated faculty in Women’s Studies since 1999. She is a two-time graduate of BGSU (B.S. in Child Development; M.Ed. in Human Development/Family Studies) and holds a Ph. D. in Human Sexuality Education from the University of Pennsylvania. She also in the Founder of Cocoon Shelter, Wood County’s first and only shelter for battered women and their children. Mary is committed to a career that combines teaching and activism, which makes service-learning a natural fit for her. Through her participation in OSL’s Faculty Learning Community, she will develop and refine the service-learning component of her course WS 3550, Women and Interpersonal Violence, by placing students in domestic violence “court watch” programs in various criminal justice jurisdictions in Northwest Ohio.

Lynn Whitney, PhD.

Associate Professor - Photography

Dr. Lynn Whitney is the area head of photography, Associate Professor in the School of Art and has been teaching at Bowling Green State University since 1987. Her research interests reside in large format film photography. She believes in instilling in her students the need to engage with community, since by the very nature of the medium, one has to be drawn out and beyond one’s own world in order to make pictures. Recently, students in her classes have been engaged in service-learning activities. One of these experiences involved the research on perceptions of women student athletes by Professor Vikki Crane. The other experience involved the US District Attorney’s Office in Toledo for whom her class was asked to make pictures of courthouses throughout Ohio for eventual display in their office. I look forward to formalizing a project involving large format photography and an area high school or other community group through this year’s ongoing dialog with the service-learning Community.

Angela Zimmann, PhD.

Instructor - General Studies Writing

Dr. Angela Zimmann is a full-time instructor in the General Studies Writing program who has also taught in the Honors Program at BGSU. She is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and serves as a school board member for the Lucas County Educational Service Center, as well as 2011 president of the Northwest Region of the Ohio School Boards Association. In 2010, she received the "Humanitarian Award" from the Ohio School Boards Association for her work on raising funds to aid Lake Schools in the wake of the June 2010 tornado. Her research interests span a wide range, including sustainability and politics, the power of community, new media, spirituality, service learning, and developmental writing. Zimmann and her husband, Martin, are foster parents, and they reside on a fifth-generation family "suburban farm" in Holland, Ohio, with Seth, Chelsea, Amadiya and Bentley, along with two goats and thirteen chickens.

New Service-Learning Courses for 2011-2013 Main Campus

  • ARTD 4950: Design for Good - Amy Fidler
  • GSW 1100: Intensive Introduction to Academic Writing - Dawn Hubbell-Staeble
  • FN 3260: Food and Culture - Younghee Kim
  • WS 3550: Women and Interpersonal Violence - Mary Krueger
  • WS 3710/ETHN 3000: Gender, Race, & Culture in Community-Based Practice - Susana Pena
  • ART 3420: Large Format Photography - Lynn Whitney
  • GSW 1110: Introduction to Academic Writing - Angela Zimmann