CBL Courses

What is a community-based learning course?

A community-based learning course combines teaching and community involvement within an academic setting. A community-based learning course provides an opportunity for students, faculty members, and community partners to engage in organized service activities that address community identified needs. The experience allows participants a chance to reflect on the service activity to gain a further understanding of curricular content, as well as enhance their sense of personal values and civic responsibility.

Who benefits from Community-Based Learning?

STUDENTS in service-learning classes can benefit academically, professionally, and personally:

  • Gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Build an understanding of diverse cultures and communities
  • Integrate curricular and co-curricular learning
  • Engage in active learning that connects academic work to life experiences and career choices
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FACULTY can benefit personally and professionally from integrating community-based learning into courses. Teaching with community-based learning can:

  • Encourage interactive teaching methods and reciprocal learning between students and faculty
  • Add new insights and dimensions to class discussions
  • Enhance research and publications
  • Promote students' active learning through engagement of multiple learning styles
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COMMUNITY PARTNERS can benefit from participating in community-based learning:

  • Gain additional human resources needed to achieve organizational goals
  • Inject new energy, enthusiasm, and perspectives into the organization's work
  • Increase public awareness of key issues
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Community-Based Learning courses offered at BGSU:

Community-based learning courses are in many departments at BGSU. Courses are offered as small seminars, large lectures, field experiences, co-ops, internships, distance learning, and study abroad.

Learn More:

The staff of the Center for Public Impact are here to help you learn more. To schedule an individual or group consultation, email V Rosser at jrosser@bgssu.edu OR consider joining our learning community.

Community-Based Learning Courses

In the Spring of 2016 students in Theatre & Film 4900, taught by Dr. Thomas Castillo, produced this community-based learning highlight video. Thank you to students: Matt Henkes, Samantha Lambert, Roger Reynolds, and Benjamin Price.  

COMM 3030: Community-Based Learning

Learn more about Dr. Lisa Hanasono's community-based learning course, Communication 3030: Persuasion. In this course Dr. Hanasono and her students use social media to combat cyber-bullying and hate using communication theory and persuasion techniques.

Faculty Perspective on CBL

Dr. Kate Magsamen-Conrad, Associate Professor in the School of Media and Communication, shares her perspective on community-based learning and the impact on her research, student learning, and community partners.