Connect with Students

Having BGSU students work with your organization can help you meet your goals. Our students bring a unique set of skills and innovative solutions to help address your needs. We have compiled some resources to help you get connected to students. If you have any questions please contact the Center for Public Impact with questions at or 419-372-9865. 

Community-Based Learning Courses

In these courses, students integrate academic material, community-based activities, and reflection as an applied learning experience that fosters their academic and civic learning while contributing to the public good.


  • Students offer a unique and fresh perspective and can help you innovate your practices.
  • Think of projects on your wish list that you just have not had time to move forward. Students can provide the necessary time and energy to make it happen.
  • These courses offer the potential to develop an ongoing relationship with a faculty member, an academic department, and students.
  • Partnerships require ample time from faculty, students, and community partners to work well. Planning for courses is typically 3-6 months in advance.
  • The duration of the partnership is dependent on the academic calendar. We have 15-week fall and spring semesters, 3-week winter or summer sessions, and 6-week or 12-week summer sessions. Partnerships can be ongoing with a faculty member or academic department.

Getting Started

Have a need or an idea for a community-based learning course partnership?  Contact the Center for Public Impact at or 419-372-9865 to get connected to potential community-based learning courses.  Staff from the CPI can help you find the perfect match for your organizational need.

Example Courses

Theater and Film 2900 is a film studies course engaging students from a variety of majors in a close examination of select films from World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War; reading veteran writings; hosting veteran testimonial witnesses; and taking part in a 723-person Pre-deployment Event for the Ohio Army National Guard as a means of better understanding the military service (and military family) experience in comparison to those depicted in Hollywood cinema.
Students can assist your organization with:

  • Military veteran interviews
  • Volunteer for a Pre-deployment event with the Ohio National Guard
  • Pre-event orientation
  • Post-event debriefing

The FN 4800 Seminar in Food & Nutrition course was designed to be an “in-depth examination of contemporary issues, concepts, and topics in food and nutrition.” Students participate in a capstone experience where they work in the community, research public policy related to the population served by their community partner, and provide an end-of-semester poster presentation to a wide group of BGSU and community stakeholders.

Students can assist your organization with:

  • Completing research related to the population served by their community partner
  • Engage in direct service
  • Students worked with 23 different programs.*

*Examples include: Martha’s Kitchen- students created flyers, recipe cards, and menus based on ingredients from the community garden. They provided an educational session for architecture students who worked on food insecurity projects at the site. Food for Thought- students went to downtown Toledo Women’s Clinic and met with food insecure pregnant women to teach cooking demos and provide monthly nutrition education classes Venture Bound- students set up educational sessions for students with autism for basic nutrition skills post-graduation, as some were transitioning to college and/or independent living.

In this community-based studio, students designed socially-conscious architectural spaces informed by community awareness and participation. Students apply principles of good architecture to create design concepts for diverse populations and to create a more positive neighborhood image. Additionally, students utilize design as a tool to improve the quality of people’s lives.

Students can assist your organization with:

  • Draft architectural designs for organizations with structural needs

This course provides an overview of management relationships, language and organizational structures used in business today. While a business degree is not our goal, this course provides additional tools and skills to help students integrate and apply their knowledge of business across a variety of situations and careers.

Students can assist your organization with:

  • Researching a situation, identifying needs and then designing a framework toward a recommended solution. Business plans would include cost, timetable, units of productivity, expected results/benefits and limitations.  

Students taking this course develop the knowledge and skills through applied experiences. Students research early intervention programs in Ohio and work in groups to develop a final service learning product that meets the needs of families, infants and toddlers, childcare staff, Ohio early intervention specialists and others. Students then develop a Final Product Planning Guide which describes the product, its purpose, the intended audience, materials needed and ways of presentation.

Students can assist your organization with:

  • The study of legal requirements, funding mechanisms, technology, service coordination, resource acquisition, interagency coordination, integration with peers without disabilities, child find, transition facilitation and program evaluation

Internships and Co-Ops

Bowling Green State University has more than 260 degree programs and 20,000 students from across the globe. Recruiting at our University offers immense potential for hiring qualified candidates.

The Career Center team provides thousands of employers a variety of recruiting options including job and internship fairs, on-campus interviews, online job postings through Handshake, and more.

For additional information about the Career Center services or to speak with an Employer Coordinator, please contact the Career Center at 419-372-2356.

Recruit Volunteers 

Students often seek volunteer opportunities at local organizations because they want to make a difference and contribute to your organization. There is a variety of ways to connect with students directly to recruit them for your volunteer needs:

  • Community Engagement Update | The Center for Public Impact sends a weekly newsletter to 4,000+ subscribers wishing to receive information about community and civic engagement opportunities. This is an avenue to recruit volunteers, interns and promote community events.
  • Expand Your Horizons Fair | Every September, BGSU organizes this learning fair to encourage students to pursue high impact experiences such as volunteering, internships, education abroad, research and learning communities. Organizations can participate in this fair to recruit students as interns, volunteers and to make connections with potential community-based learning faculty members.  
  • Campus Organizations and Clubs | The Office of Campus Activities maintains a directory of student organizations with key information about mission, leadership and direct contact details.