Resources on Community Engagement

Carnegie Community Engagement Classification BGSU Webinar, December 18, 2013

Dr. Barbara Holland, an international scholar of higher education, recently shared significant knowledge about community engagement. She is a higher education researcher recognized internationally for her scholarship and expertise on organizational change in higher education with a focus on the institutionalization of community engagement. Among her many publications, she is the author of the “Holland Matrix” which has been widely adopted as an institutional planning tool. Holland has served as an adviser to more than 100 academic institutions in five nations. Her current work includes designing systems to monitor and measure the impact of engagement and to develop effective higher education leaders to support the growing strategic importance of community engagement. She serves as a Senior Scholar at IUPUI and also holds Honorary Professor appointments at Portland State University and the University of Sydney (Australia).

Below are resources from her presentations and if you would like a copy of the powerpoint presentations from any of these presentations, please contact Paul Valdez at or 372-9104.

Carnegie Community Engagement Classification BGSU Webinar (requires BGSU username and password to access) 

The Strategic Importance of Community Engagement to the Future of Higher Education - PowerPoint Presentation, February 13, 2014

Colleges and universities face numerous new pressures, expectations and competing demands. In this rapidly changing landscape, community-engaged strategies offer an effective and powerful response. Institutionally integrated engagement reflects higher education’s mission to prepare student citizens and to contribute productively to societal issues and opportunities. Barbara Holland outlined the case in her powerpoint presentation that a strategic and intentional commitment to community engagement is a powerful response to current and emerging change challenges for higher education.

Supporting Student Learning through Community Engagement - PowerPoint Presentation from BGSU 2014 Teaching and Learning Fair, February 14, 2014

Many forms of experiential learning involve placing students in community settings. Research tells us a great deal about how the community interacts with these students and what impact they have on student learning. Greater intentionality in developing true partnerships with communities can increase the learning for students and communities. Dr. Holland shared in this powerpoint presentation research findings and operating frameworks for partnerships that help ensure mutually beneficial outcomes for all involved.

Monitoring and Measuring Community Engagement - PowerPoint Presentation from Ohio Campus Compact Conference, February 12, 2014

Whether it is for the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification application or part of an institution’s internal assessment and benchmarking program, campuses must monitor their engagement program’s impact on student learning and the community. Barbara Holland shared in her powerpoint presentation principles and strategies essential to measuring and communicating the impacts of engagement from the perspective of communities, institutions, students, and faculty.